10 albums that changed rock history – .

10 albums that changed rock history – .

Not all groups that take to the road are trying to hit the big time. More often than not, rock groups tend to get together for the love of music before realizing they have something good on their hands. When they reach the top, that’s where it starts to get interesting.

As long as rock music flourished, these artists released albums that completely changed the course rock music was going to take in the future. Whether it was from the music itself or the way it was made, it was the albums that broke the barriers of rock being just a handful of chords and distortions. No… it was a genre that needed to be paid attention to and had the ability to enlighten your mind and change the world around you after listening to it.

That might not have been the goal when creating these records, but you could definitely feel the change once it happened. On the back of these albums, hundreds of bands were released that signaled the next wave of rock that was about to hit the airwaves for years to come. No matter what you thought of the songs themselves, you knew things were going to be different after the last song played.

Many people tend to forget how much the Alternative Revolution has opened up the playing field for new artists. Years before the start of the grunge movement, acts like Jane’s Addiction and Faith No More would have been considered left out, and were now enjoying mainstream success unlike anything they had seen before. So why not bring rap and make it one of the biggest hits of the 90s?

Coming from the same scene in LA that produced people like Ratt and Warrant, Rage Against the Machine was the antithesis of any rock in the future, with guitar solos combined with the furious wrath of Zack de la Rocha. Aside from some of the more political leanings they would tackle on tracks like Settle for Nothing, the music itself was something to do, with Tom Morello using digital effects that most people wondered about. ‘they were actually listening to a guitar.

Since most of the ACs took things back to more rootsy rock, it was like putting every eye-catching aspect of rock and roll and using it to try and make ground-level changes. It’s not always the sunniest record to listen to, but never forget that your anger is a gift.


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