York Region $ 65 Million Lottery Winner Says He Wants ‘To Make The World A Better Place’ – .

York Region $ 65 Million Lottery Winner Says He Wants ‘To Make The World A Better Place’ – .

A 41-year-old man from York Region, Ont., Who won a $ 65 million lottery jackpot, said he wanted to use the money “to try to make the world a better place.”

Jansen Ng, who is an occasional lottery player from East Gwillimbury, purchased a Lotto Max ticket for the July 6 draw at a local gas station while playing Pokemon Go.

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“I had heard on the news that the jackpot had been won in my local town in York Region, but it really wasn’t possible for me to be,” Ng said in a statement Thursday.

“A few days after the draw, I went to check the ticket on a ticket checker, and the message said, ‘Please see the retailer.’ I thought the ticket checker was malfunctioning and decided to check the ticket at home on the OLG Lottery app.

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It was then that Ng saw the words “big winner”, but he didn’t believe them to be true, so he checked on a few other devices.

Eventually, Ng returned to the store with his ticket and the terminal announced that he had won.

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After Ng realized he had won the jackpot, he became very excited and visited his pastor for spiritual and moral guidance.

“I immediately felt the responsibility for this victory,” he said. “I wanted to be sure that I was using this money responsibly, so I felt my pastor was the best person to work with me. “

Ng said he plans to continue supporting the charities he works with and is looking for ways to start other nonprofits and organizations.

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Ng is a former serviceman, and during his service he suffered a traumatic brain injury which led to his retirement. As a result, he plans to help other veterans cope with invisible injuries that lead to a deterioration in their quality of life.

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“At one point, I was almost homeless because I didn’t know how to deal with my injury,” Ng said.

“I had a hard time making decisions and some of the things I did were weird and irrational, but I kept the real cause hidden from the people around me. I hope to help those who struggle like I did without having to face more personal difficulties. “

As for future follies, Ng said he wants to buy a new electric car to replace his current hybrid vehicle.

Ng insists his newfound wealth won’t change him, however. He said he still plans to donate blood every two months and cut his hair.

“People buy lottery tickets out of hope. Hope has diminished a bit for some because of the pandemic, but I want to encourage everyone to hang on, ”Ng added.

“Look forward to tomorrow. Who knows, you might also win the lottery.

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The winning ticket was purchased at Marina’s Express Mart on Leslie Street in Sharon, Ontario.

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