Yankees, Phillies, Astros Interested In Starling Marte; Could Padres get Gallo moving? – .

Yankees, Phillies, Astros Interested In Starling Marte; Could Padres get Gallo moving? – .

The next notable date on the MLB calendar is the July 30 trade deadline, and given the proximity of that date, rumors are rife at the moment. Because we are from, for and by the People, we are here to take stock of Monday’s famous scuttlebutt. Let’s do it now – that is, let’s round off the notable scuttlebutt for Monday.

On Sunday we learned that the Miami Marlins and veteran flycatcher Starling Marte would likely disagree on a contract extension. As such, the Marlins are likely to buy Marte before the deadline. That brings us to this recent note from Jon Heyman of MLB Network regarding applicants who might be interested in his services:

Marte for the Astros would be an improvement over Myles Straw in center field, and with the Phillies he would also correct a weakness at that same position. The Yankees, however, are perhaps the most desperate for help on the pitch. They had generally poor production in the outfield, with Aaron Judge being the exception. The judge, however, is currently on the injured list after testing positive for COVID-19 and does not yet have a clear timeline for his return.

As for Marte, who is in his marching year, during his season at 32, he beats 0.285 / 0.387 / 0.444 (128 OPS +) with seven homers and 19 goals stolen in 56 games. For his career, he has an OPS + of 115 while generally ranking as a center defensive asset. Considering Marte’s vast skill base, he seems like a coveted name as the deadline draws near.

It is not yet certain whether the Texas Rangers will buy outfielder Joey Gallo before July 30, but he has been the subject of many rumors to that end. Speaking of which, Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic recently looked at this and other timelines in a high-profile article. Gallo continues to be linked with the Yankees, at least informally, and now a Rosenthal is speculating on another potential adjustment:

At least one other club, however, is practically panting for Gallo – the Padres, who are led by the sport’s most fearless trader, AJ Preller.

“I think Gallo is the only guy AJ could offload for,” said an official who has been in contact with the Padres.

The Padres are really in rival mode and have a legitimate agenda to win the tough NL West. As for Gallo, he is currently sitting on 24 home runs and 72 goals leading the MLB in 87 games. As well as providing an abundance of power and patience at home plate, Gallo is also a more right fielder. Teams are usually always looking for power for lefties, but the adjustment to San Diego is potentially awkward. The Padres this season have secured strong production from all three outfield positions. Perhaps, however, they are ready to make it work for a talent like Gallo.


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