Yale student council approves statement on Israeli “genocide and apartheid” – .

Yale student council approves statement on Israeli “genocide and apartheid” – .

The Yale student council approved a statement drafted by a pro-Palestinian academic group accusing Israel of genocide, ethnic cleansing and apartheid.

Two campus Jewish groups condemned the statement as having “anti-Semitic overtones.”

The Yale College Council, the government of undergraduates, on Sunday approved the statement first drafted by Yalies 4 Palestine, by 8 votes to 3 with four abstentions, the Forward reported.

“As students of Yale, we condemn the injustice, ethnic cleansing and genocide happening in Palestine,” he said.

The statement also compared Israel’s actions during the conflict to police violence against black Americans.

“Just as the Israeli military is enforcing the apartheid system against the Palestinians, the US police are enforcing the white supremacist system against black Americans,” he said. A number of left-wing academic groups subsequently endorsed the statement. A group of anti-Zionist Jewish students and former students issued their own statement endorsing the Yalies 4 Palestine declaration.

The Hillel Campus rallied behind the resolution and, once passed, condemned it as having “anti-Semitic overtones.”

“He characterizes the Jewish state as an agent of the world’s most reprehensible forces and guilty of the most unspeakable crimes – in other words, demonically,” the Forward said, citing Hillel’s response. “This genealogy may be invisible to its authors and adherents because the inordinate perfidy they attribute to the Jewish state is framed in distinctly contemporary terms – but it is clear, terrifying and familiar to us. ”


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