Woman said she could no longer “urinate or defecate” in public – .

Woman said she could no longer “urinate or defecate” in public – .

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Amanda Lee, 50, of Crewe, Cheshire, has been treating her town like it was her own private bathroom for years, and police have ordered police to pull over.

Lee has been convicted 15 times since 1996 for offenses including anti-social behavior, harassment, public order and abuse of the emergency system, Cheshire Live reported.

Police issued him a Criminal Behavior Order (CBO), which prevents Lee from doing these five things in the “exclusion zone” around his town:

  • She cannot be in possession of alcohol in an open container.
  • She cannot use abusive language or threatening behavior in a public place or use a dog to threaten or intimidate people.
  • She cannot contact the police on emergency numbers 999 or 101 unless she has a valid reason to do so.
  • She can no longer “urinate or defecate” in any open space, public or private.
  • There is also a street, Preece Court, which Lee is no longer allowed to enter.
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“She consistently showed no consideration for the actions her offense had taken on others,” Constable Alex Barker said, according to Cheshire Live.

“There comes a time when you have to say enough is enough and take extra steps to protect the community and businesses in the area. “

If Lee violates the terms of her CBO, she could receive a maximum of five years in prison.


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