Woman rescued from suspected kidnapper after leaving toilet notes with police – National – .

Woman rescued from suspected kidnapper after leaving toilet notes with police – National – .

A smart woman is being hailed for organizing her own rescue of an allegedly abusive ex-boyfriend in Pennsylvania, after she left a series of detailed requests for help in a public washroom.

The woman was reportedly held captive for several months, during which the suspect sexually and physically assaulted her, police said. She managed to get away from her captor for a few moments last week, which allowed her to leave two notes that ultimately led to her rescue.

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Corey Brewer, 38, now faces charges of sexual assault, strangulation and unlawful duress in connection with the case, according to a criminal complaint obtained by ABC News.

The victim sent her first call for help last Thursday, when she scribbled a note and stuck it to the mirror in a Walmart women’s restroom in Carnegie, Pa., Police said.

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“If I can’t do it, tell my family I love them,” the note read, according to the criminal complaint filed in court.

The note exposed the woman’s dire situation, identified her captor, described her car and even provided the address of where she was being held, police said. The woman urged whoever read the note to call 911.

Authorities say they went to the address on the note and knocked on the door. No one responded, but officers could hear furniture moving around the house, according to the complaint.

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Police then called the suspect’s phone number and found themselves speaking to him and the victim on speakerphone. The suspect told police that they were both in a relationship and were on vacation in New York City, according to the complaint. The victim also called the suspect a “boyfriend” during the call. He refused to let her speak privately with the police.

On Saturday, a second note surfaced in the washroom at the Fallingwater Museum in the southwest of the state.

The victim told police she was not on vacation and that her ex has been holding her captive since May 1. She said she heard the police knocking on the door a few days earlier and begged them to continue.

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“Please don’t give up,” she wrote.

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Authorities examined surveillance footage from the museum and saw the suspect and victim together earlier today, according to the criminal complaint.

Police obtained a search warrant and entered the suspect’s home on Sunday. They arrested the suspect and released the victim, who ultimately shared the rest of his story with investigators.

She accused the suspect of taking her phone and holding her captive for months. She said he hit and strangled her several times and threatened to kill her and her children if she ever left. He also allegedly took pictures of her naked against her will and cut off her foot with a knife, according to the criminal complaint.

Brewer is due in court for a preliminary hearing on July 22.

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