Windows 365 seeks to make cloud computing relaxed – .

Windows 365 seeks to make cloud computing relaxed – .

Microsoft has a new business tool called Windows 365 which allows users to stream Windows 10 or 11 to the internet.

This system works similarly to services like Stadia or XCloud by allowing users to harness the processing power of a larger PC in a server farm, via the Internet. This eliminates the need for a beefy PC or console at home. This system works well because gaming compatible systems are expensive.

Microsoft hopes to leverage that same profitability to equip the company’s employees with a similar server-based PC experience it calls the “Cloud PC.” This should work well because it is also expensive to equip a corporate workforce with computers to work in an office and work from home. The Cloud PC should also benefit Microsoft by selling subscriptions to the service.

It allows workers to connect to their PC from anywhere. Microsoft’s announcement video even shows users accessing it through a smartphone. It also means that you can access your work PC from a company-owned computer or your own.

This isn’t the first service of its kind, sites like Shadow have been running a similar operation for a few years, but Microsoft’s approach can be particularly tempting for businesses now that workers expect some kind of model of hybrid work as the pandemic cools across Canada and the rest of North America.

Windows 365 is also tempting since it integrates with the existing Microsoft computer system. This allows the IT department to control the power of each system, as everything is powered by the cloud (i.e. a server somewhere). This should allow older systems to run longer.

Since it only works with an internet connection, it will be interesting to see how workers react to its use. Given that a big name like Microsoft is launching into cloud PC gaming, I would expect the competition in the space to intensify, which leaves me with the guess – in about 10 years, everything will be- just cloud based? And am I ready for this?

Windows 365 is coming to business on August 2, 2021. Windows 11 will be available later this year.

Source: Microsoft


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