Who Recoupled Tonight & Who Stayed Together? – .

who got back together and who stayed together? – .

A dramatic recoupling took place last night (July 29) Island of love, as 24 competitors began to gather.
The final episode saw the residents of Casa Amor reunited with the original villa, as host Laura Whitmore arrived to brief the contestants on the choice they faced.

The girls were told they could either stay with their current partner or remarry one of the new boys. The boys of the villa had the same choice between their partners and the new girls of Casa Amor.

While the fate of seven contestants was revealed in Thursday’s episode, the rest were revealed to viewers tonight (July 30).

Fans were able to learn the decisions of contestants including Liam, Faye, Kaz and Teddy.

Here is a list of all current couples after recoupling:

Chloe and Dale

Chloe was previously in a relationship with Hugo. She decided to remarry Dale.


Hugo et Amy

Hugo eventually found a love for Casa Amor daughter Amy and teamed up with her before returning to the villa. “We had that connection, that spark, whatever I was looking for,” he explained. Amy said, “It was very easy… pleasantly unexpected. “

Amy and Hugo on Love Island



Abbie remained single after choosing to stay loyal to Toby (remember he previously dumped Chloe for Abbie and Kaz for Chloe), only for him to return as a couple with Mary. However, she showed courage, saying “this is what it is”.

Toby and Marie


Toby shocked the villa when he returned with new daughter Mary. He said he expected Abbie to get back together with a new boy.

Liberty and Jacques

The candidates of “Love Island” Liberty and Jake


Liberty and Jake weren’t just a couple, but their boyfriend and girlfriend before Casa Amor threatened to come between them. Liberty decided to believe Jake would return on his own at the very start of Friday’s episode – and his faith paid off.

Kaz and Matthew

Kaz and Matthew on “Love Island”


After seeing a photo of the previous beau Tyler kissing another girl, Kaz wanted to “start her journey with someone else,” and revealed that she would be recovering with Matthew.

Tyler and Clarisse

Tyler and Clarisse in “Love Island”


Tyler however returned to the Villa with the bombshell of Casa Amor Clarisse by his side. “I found a spark with Clarisse,” he said, “and wanted to have the opportunity to explore that. “

Faye and Sam

Faye and Sam on “Love Island”


Faye and Teddy’s mating was compromised by a deceptive postcard from the time of Casa Amor, prompting her to remarry Sam.

Teddy bear


Teddy returned to the Villa alone, only to find his partner Faye in a relationship with Sam. “I’m disappointed,” he said, adding, “That’s what it is. “

Millie and Liam

Millie and Liam in “Love Island”


Millie has revealed that she will remain loyal to Liam, despite her pre-existing trust issues. Liam then returned to the Villa on his own, describing the feeling of seeing Millie waiting for him as “on top of the world.”

This was almost immediately compromised, however, when Lillie revealed what she and Liam had done at Casa Amor – leaving Millie devastated.

Medhy, Lillie, Salma, Jack, Kaila and Harry, meanwhile, were sent home, failing to make their way through the list of Island of love regulars.


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