Who got kicked out tonight and who won HOH? – Big Brother Network – .

Who got kicked out tonight and who won HOH? – Big Brother Network – .

We arrived at the first live Big Brother 23 eviction show of the season with two guests battling it out for the votes to survive the week before everyone but Frenchie clashed in the backyard for have a chance in power in week 2.

It’s hard to believe it’s only been a week since Frenchie put in unnecessary overtime in what should have been just a series of names and lineups, but hey, thanks for all the crazy feeds, Frenchie!

Don’t miss this week’s eviction episode! You can stream it live on CBS ‘Paramount + with either the Legacy Plan or the Premium Plan in most US markets so you don’t miss out on any of the fun even if you’re out and about tonight.

Stay with us here on this post for all the live scores, and recap throughout tonight’s kickout and beyond if the HOH results spill over into the post-show streams. Now let’s take action.

Big Brother 23 Results – Week 1 Votes:

  • Sarah votes for eviction: Travis
  • Xavier votes for expulsion: Travis
  • Whitney votes for eviction: Travis
  • Christian votes to expel: Travis
  • Azah votes for eviction: Travis
  • Derek F votes to expel: Alyssa
  • Kyland votes for eviction: Travis
  • Tiffany votes for eviction: Alyssa
  • Derek X votes for eviction: Travis
  • That’s enough voices.
  • Claire votes for eviction: Travis
  • Hannah votes for eviction: Travis
  • Britini votes for deportation: Travis
  • Brent votes to expel: Travis

By a vote of 11-2, Travis Long was kicked out of the Big Brother house!

After the vote, we’ll see the HGs head to the backyard to compete for the new head of the family. Looks like a roll of the dice. The HG must choose a number and try to sink their shot. HG who does the straight shot (no bank shots) from the highest # wins HOH. But before the mock-up can start, there is a technical problem so we wait… And it’s solved. Time to play.

Big Brother 23 Results – Week 2 HoH Comp:

  • Alyssa @ 15: do that
  • Brent @ 16: he does
  • Hannah @ 17: missing
  • Azah @ 18: missing
  • Xavier @ 19: missed
  • Christian @ 20: missed
  • Tiffany @ 21: missing
  • Whitney @ 22: missing
  • Claire @ 23: missing
  • Kyland @ 24: Success
  • Britini @ 25: missed
  • Derek F @ 26 ratés
  • Sarah @ 27: missing
  • Derek X @ 28 : raté

Kyland Young wins the title of head of the family! He beat Brent to gain power! This means Claire and Tiffany are also safe this week as her win covers the team as well.

After the show, we’ll return to the live streams to see the fallout on who won HOH and the start of the next planning rounds for this week’s goal. Grab the free trial and join us there now!

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