who dies in the final stunt of the series? – .

who dies in the final stunt of the series? – .

Victim spoilers follow tonight’s episode and next week’s episode – and they’re pretty big, too.

Surely Victim can’t have left us with this suspense? But he can, and he did. True to form, The BBC medical drama marks the end of its current series with a huge two-part kickoff tonight (July 31), which focuses on Fenisha and Ethan’s wedding.

In typical Victim style, it was never going to go entirely as planned and tonight’s episode ended with a car skidding uncontrollably on a railroad track, facing a horrified Lev. But who will be the victims of the final tragedy of the series? Are Ethan and Fenisha getting married? And what’s next for Faith and Lev?

Here are all the big questions we have left:

1. Who dies?

The biggest question on everyone’s list right now (including ours): Who will be the victim of next week’s explosive final?

It’s no secret that Victim likes to push a character back into their series climax – and chances are at least one member of the ED clan won’t be in the next series. But who was Actually in the car, and will he be okay?

That remains to be seen, but let’s also not forget that Lev was at the scene of the crash and couldn’t help but rush to the aid of the injured victim. Her lover Xander was also within easy reach of the accident, while Matthew had offered to drive Fenisha to the wedding.

So many questions, but not so many answers – and be prepared for a few other monumental twists along the way as well …

2. Will Fenisha be attending the wedding?

Come on, this is Victim and so we all knew that Ethan and Fenisha’s wedding was unlikely to go smoothly. But the question now is: will it even go forward?

Fenisha was already late for her nuptials when she accepted a lift from her ex-boyfriend Matthew (as you do) – and sadly, but not entirely without surprise, their trip is doomed to turn sour.

With Matthew preparing to fight for a future with Fenisha, their vehicle is currently a serious contender for the perilous road accident, if we were to hedge our bets. So, will Fenisha even come to her big day? Or will Ethan be left at the altar?

3. What are we going to tell Ethan?


Ethan’s world will be turned upside down next week, after finally facing his future and seeking answers about how fast his Huntington is progressing.

Fans will have to wait and see what exactly is said to Ethan when he is nominated, but it’s fair to say that his life will never be the same again anyway.

4. What future for Faith?



Victims of The two-part epic marks a major turning point in the ongoing story of Lev and his marriage to Faith.

Knowing that Lev went to the police station to admit the truth about Sam’s assault, Faith couldn’t be prouder of her ex-husband and thinks it is the bravest thing he has ever done.

After informing her co-workers about her situation with Lev next week, Faith claims that she is happy for him, but Iain can tell that she secretly feels very lonely. He tries to cheer her up with his jokes, until a phone call stops them in their tracks. But is there a possible spark with Iain and Faith? And what does the future hold for him now?

5. Is Dylan right about Ollie?



Dylan was finally able to provide answers to the mystery surrounding Ollie’s troublesome symptoms tonight, but it was clear he wasn’t entirely convinced.

After noticing a cut on Ollie’s arm, Dylan felt that a mental health assessment was the next logical step for the teenager, much to David’s fury.

When a subsequent MRI revealed that Ollie was suffering from a Chiari malformation (a condition in which the lower part of the brain sinks into the spinal canal), David was convinced that this was the cause of all of his symptoms – but Dylan was clearly uncertain. Were his initial suspicions still correct? And will they be able to support Ollie, if they are?

Ollie’s story will be parked for now after tonight’s episode, as Dylan will have even more important things to focus on, but hopefully it gets picked up in the next series.

6. What happens next?



Next week’s must-see episode is one you won’t soon forget, with multiple game-changing moments that will transform ED forever.

While other details are under wraps at the moment (keep your eyes peeled for next weekend!), This episode will ultimately set the stage for Victims of 35th anniversary celebrations shortly thereafter.

As previously confirmed, Victim celebrates its 35th anniversary by going back in time for a one-off episode, where the Emergency Department is faced with a chain of events that will change the course of its future.

Tony Marshall, Charles Dale and Richard Winsor – aka Noel, Big Mac and Cal – have reprise their roles for the Ethan-centric episode… but why are they back? And what will that mean?

Victims of The final episode of the series will air Saturday August 7 on BBC One.

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