Whitley Bay man who missed funeral, work and marriage due to isolation rules slams PM and Chancellor – .

Whitley Bay man who missed funeral, work and marriage due to isolation rules slams PM and Chancellor – .

A North Tyneside man who was forced to cancel vacation, work and missed his aunt’s funeral and marriage after being contacted by Test and Trace has slammed the Prime Minister and Chancellor.
Politicians were contacted by NHS Test and Trace after coming into contact with Health Secretary Sajid Javid who tested positive.

The No.10 initially said Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak would not have to self-isolate and instead participate in a daily contact test pilot project to allow them to continue working from Downing Street.

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But a Downing Street spokesperson confirmed that the Prime Minister and Chancellor would not participate in the pilot and would self-isolate instead.

The dramatic turnaround came after a public backlash and the decision was criticized by politicians on Sunday morning.

Music director Mal Hall, 30, was forced to cancel vacations, work commitments, miss his great-aunt’s funeral and a friend’s wedding after being ‘pinched’ by Track and Trace.

Since being contacted, Mal has returned three negative Covid-19 tests, but according to government rules he must still self-isolate for 10 days.

Mal, of Whitley Bay, said: “This is just ridiculous. It’s a rule for them, a rule for us.

“No more mistaking myself for following the rules and sticking to them and not just saying ‘too bad, I’ll do what I want to do’.

“The worry for me is that I think it will lead to more people not to care. It sets a precedent to say I’m not going to bother then.

“Are we surprised that they aren’t going to isolate themselves and that there is a pilot program that they can follow?” I am not, unfortunately.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson (left) and Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak will now self-isolate

The music director and pianist conductor hasn’t worked for nearly 15 months but traveled to a Green List country after getting a job on a cruise ship.

He believes someone on the return flight has tested positive for the coronavirus and that is why he has been contacted.

He added: “I had done lateral flow tests which were all negative, I have no symptoms, nothing, but that does not prevent me from coming out of the 10 day isolation.

“I had booked a short holiday break in Lancashire for the weekend which was canceled, my great-aunt’s funeral on Friday, I was unable to attend.

“I was due to teach in Edinburgh next week which has been booked for a while and had to cancel that then my friend’s wedding at the end of next week I have to cancel. “

Hundreds of angry ChronicleLive readers took to social media to share their outrage that the so-called “pingemia” did not appear to affect members of government.

One woman said: “This is exactly why normal working class people start to ignore their periods.

‘Millions of people are self-isolating, hundreds of thousands of children miss their last week of school due to pathetic bubble system, NHS and other businesses are distorting due to staff isolation and here we have Rishi and Boris conveniently participating in a trial. It’s an absolute joke.

Another said: “It seems very convenient that suddenly there is this retrial when it affects them. Having said that, I do wonder if we need to consider a new strategy around self-isolation – maybe if people are nuts they should take a test and then isolate if it is positive?

“I don’t know, but obviously it’s been very disruptive lately, including for the NHS, which it was all supposed to protect. “

One man said: ‘If we are to completely lift all Covid measures (which in my opinion is wrong) we have to change the track and trace or millions of people will have to self-isolate and the industry will be massively affected. So this so-called freedom day could turn the opposite with millions of insulators. “

A reader forced to shut down his business after being identified as a close contact said: “I have to self-isolate after being in close contact with someone who has Covid-19, so I’m in the same range as these 2 persons.

“They can test themselves every day, walk around and do whatever they want when I have to isolate myself, shut down my business that has been closed for over a year, then get no help and no income. during 10 days.

“Absolutely lift the crack of this spirit. “

Labor leader Sir Kier Starmer said the move was a “slap in the face for all those who have sacrificed to isolate themselves”.

Before adding: “This Conservative government is in chaos.

“Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak have once again tried to correct the rules to take advantage of it.

“They didn’t back down until they were discovered.

“They’re like failed bank robbers who only offered to return the money because they got caught. “

Deputy Labor Party leader Angela Rayner called the couple “liars. Frauds. Charlatans. Crooks ”on Twitter.

After learning that the couple would be self-isolating, she added: So it’s not a pilot project? Is it just something they invented because they didn’t want to isolate themselves like the plebs?

“If people now remove the app and don’t self-isolate when questioned, each additional Covid case will be the direct responsibility of the Prime Minister and Chancellor. “

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