What about Bob? – .

What about Bob? – .

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An interesting story has been told around the WWE Championship on Brut.

MVP was in the room with Bobby Lashley and his ladies, and when Kevin Patrick asked him why the singles match was a tag team match, he said Kofi Kingston couldn’t get away with disrespecting the last week.

Lashley was upset with Kingston’s comments about his vacation last week, and you could feel his anger throughout the show.

Later, New Day had a standard New Day promo and was just hype for the game.

Before the match, Lashley was doing pull-ups on a barbell while MVP simply said Lashley didn’t miss a step. He had a death gaze into the camera as the New Day music played. I really appreciated how serious Lashley was because I think the story being told is really striking.

In the home stretch, Lashley showed no concern for the MVP in the ring even though he was still limping. Kingston scored and flew all over the place, knocking out MVP and knocking Lashley off the apron. A Trouble in Paradise surprise knocked Lashley out of the ring, then Kingston countered the playmaker with a Trouble in Paradise as Xavier Woods took out Lashley so he couldn’t interfere.

The story here is that it looks like Bobby may start to realize that MVP is dragging and throwing him out of his game. MVP was pinned down and Bobby was angry even though he helped him up. You could see it.

Insertion into his match and distracting ladies could lead to Lashley’s turn on MVP at Money in the bank. I have a theory that MVP will live up to its usual shenanigans and Lashley won’t be able to capitalize on it now that there will be someone else in his opponent’s corner for the first time this year.

I think Bobby will want to be solo before Slam summer and eliminate all of his distractions to focus on who should be his big opponent.

Let’s move on to the rest of the show. For a complete overview of Brut, check out Claire Elizabeth’s live blog!

Opening segments set the mood

The show started with the Money in the bank edition of Miz TV.

Let’s all make sure John Morrison is as wet as possible for Money in the bank. It was something that was said about Brut. Drew McIntyre has been called a ‘splash hole’ about it Brut.

The wet stuff ran its course awhile ago, all of you.

We have learned that McIntyre is a distant relative of Davey Crockett. The more you know. We also learned that he will be able to cash any champion on any Mark. Please don’t give McIntyre, WWE the win.

Ricochet came out and spelled his name, then was called dry by Morrison.

Riddle climbed the only ladder set up in the ring (they don’t call him the Money in the bank editing for nothing!) and said he was very loud and sad.

AJ Styles and Omos came out to continue complaining about how last week should have been a one-on-one match and attacked Riddle, leading to Morrison attacking Ricochet ahead of their match, which we’ll talk about a bit.

It’s not the type of opening segment that makes me excited to watch a 3 hour show.

Opening segments that set up games for the night… that’s good. All this pointless talk and people who don’t act like ordinary human beings are getting boring. I can tell you that it actively made me less interested in the show, and I don’t feel like Brut maintained the correct sequence.

And that was before the game absolutely unnecessary Elias / Cedric Alexander and Jaxson Ryker / R-Truth. Even before the questionable 8 female booking and the next segment I’m talking about.

Can we stop this, please?

Charlotte Flair has announced that she may be missing Money in the Bank.

She said Rhea Ripley is scared because she has to resort to Flair’s own movements to get her out. It will be retired indefinitely and Ripley will continue to retain his championship. She praised Ripley for using his own tactics.

Ripley then stepped out, also with a crutch on the same leg as Flair.

She said she always uses Flair’s tactics and that Flair is a drama queen. They both dropped the act and swung the crutches towards each other. Flair avoided Ripley and walked out of the ring.

This segment was completely unnecessary and not how you book champions. I really don’t understand why they couldn’t just let Rhea be the big bad that she was pulling out of the Rumble royal. All of that heel / face / tweener stuff is just plain bad.

I really liked Charlotte after I got back, but none of that works. The Charlotte opportunity the first month was great, but everything that has happened since has not been.

Will this quarrel be over after Money in the bank? Probably not, moving away from the WWE background.

The rest

Jedusor bat AJ Styles

Riddle did a great job selling the foot injury in this game. He never got to make his usual entrance, Styles worked on him a lot throughout and was tricked by Riddle when he did the Karate Kid pose. Styles kept kicking him in the right foot to knock it down, and even when Riddle used the injured foot, he sold it. Omos knocked him down without the referee seeing him. All of a sudden, Erik and Ivar distracted Omos, which distracted Styles, and Riddle wound him up to win. While the distraction finishes are good, it was a great game and I would be interested if Riddle won the briefcase just to see the interactions with Randy Orton.

John Morrison bat Ricochet

I was excited to see another game in this series. A very cool move that Ricochet failed to follow happened with a demotion on Miz who he was trying to turn into a hurricane on Morrison, but Morrison caught up with him and threw him into the barricade. They tried to do something crazy on the third string which looked scary, but the stupid referee watching Ricochet and Miz didn’t notice that Miz was preventing him from getting back into the ring, and Ricochet was account.

Mustafa Ali defeated Mansoor

A few weeks ago I had to announce this feud for WWE, but now they’re bringing it to life. My work here is finished. It was really more than a game. It was Ali who was teaching Mansoor how to be successful. Mansoor had a good spinebuster for a count of two. But Mansoor let his cuteness in and helped Ali off the ropes, and Ali rolled him over to win. I appreciate this back and forth and wonder if it brings Mansoor to join the former leader of RETRIBUTION.

Hello disqualification my old friend (Drew McIntyre vs. Jinder Mahal)

So Mahal was upset that McIntyre had sent him number 2 instead of saying the word too. A little childish and ridiculous, but whatever. Corey Graves literally brought me to tears after Drew’s promo on the Loch Ness Monster when he said that the next tale Drew will honor us with will be how he defeated Lord Farquaad. Mahal was quite aggressive in this game so it was nice to watch. Drew is Drew and always cuts the worst deals on Brut. And that means something when you have a monstrosity of an opening segment like the one on this show. Yeah, looks more like Drew wins the briefcase. Ouch.

Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, Eva Marie and DouDrop defeated Naomi, Asuka, Nikki ASH and Alexa Bliss

DouDrop was going to start with Naomi, but Marie got involved and couldn’t handle it, so she tagged DouDrop again. The funniest part of this affair was that Bliss was scaring Marie out of the ring. Jax and DouDrop could turn out to be a decent tag team at some point in the future. The thing with Reginald and Bliss’s gaze is really stupid now. It has been weeks. Stop looking in his fucking eyes, man. The almost superhero has been pinned down, so let’s see how this gadget is treated in the future.

Lucha House Party bat Mace et T-Bar

T-Bar threw Lince Dorado out of the ring, then Mace went to Byron Saxton and gave him some commentary advice. Continuity! You know what these teams are not so bad with each other. Nice shock victory for Lucha House Party here.

Rating: C

What have been your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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