Wednesday July 14 Recap – Billy Spies Secret Reunion Sally and Tara – Ashland and Victoria move in – .

Wednesday July 14 Recap – Billy Spies Secret Reunion Sally and Tara – Ashland and Victoria move in – .

Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers for Wednesday, July 14 reveal Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) will spy on Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) and Tara Locke (Elizabeth Leiner) ‘s secret reunion – and Ashland Locke (Richard Burgi) will decide to move in with Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle).

At the ranch during Wednesday’s episode Y&R, Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) will have updates for Victor Newman (Eric Braeden).

Adam will reveal that Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso), Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) and Connor Newman (Judah Mackey) arrived in Minneapolis safely last night.

Victor will find out that the gang has moved into a hotel and will be heading to the hospital this morning.

While Chelsea and Connor visit Anita Lawson (Catherine Bach), Rey will meet with a doctor to see how long Anita’s recovery will take. Adam will add that he plans to visit her on the weekends until Anita can be alone.

Although Victor admits that the last few days have been difficult, he will concede that Adam handled things well with Chelsea and did well for his son. Adam will be happy to know that Victor was able to overcome his recent worries.

When Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) appears, she will be expressing concern over the live announcement Ashland and Victoria plan to make.

Nikki will worry about Victor’s potential reaction and warn him not to use this as an excuse to postpone their trip to Italy.

Nikki will also mention the idea of ​​meeting Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) and Noah Newman (Robert Adamson) in London during this trip.

Adam will note that it might be good to try and persuade Noah to take on the Newman Media design job in person, so Victor will agree.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria will be busy on the phone ahead of her big announcement with Ashland. Once Ashland arrives, they’ll be talking about energy off the charts in the office.

Ashland will be eager to change the narrative with their news – and he’ll thank Victoria for being exactly what he needed when he needed her.

At home, Billy will be in a bad mood, so Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) will guess he’s on the alert about the upcoming announcement.

Lily will suggest that Ashland and Victoria maybe get married, but Billy will point out that he was only joking about it before. He will insist that Locke is not Victoria’s type.

Next, Tara will talk to Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) about the video, which Tara says isn’t an accurate portrayal of what her entire marriage looked like.

If that was the case, Tara would have left much sooner. Jack will let Tara know that he is not judging anyone in this situation.

When Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) enters, Tara will voice her concerns about the loss of Ashland to Harrison Locke (Kellen Enriquez).

Kyle will be willing to do whatever he can to make things easier for Tara, so she will rave about the incredible role models Harrison will have in Kyle and Jack.

Back in Victoria’s office, she will set up the camera and microphone for the live broadcast. Once the announcement time arrives, we will see people looking all over the city of Genoa.

Ashland will have a lot of praise for Victoria and the powerful company she runs. He will talk about the connection between their similar business philosophies and the making of this deal.

Victoria in turn will praise Ashland before announcing that Newman Enterprises and Locke Communications Group will merge into one company.

Victoria will be bragging about all the advantages and arguing that they will be the envy of their competitors with this decision.

Lily will be impressed that Victoria takes on the entire Ashland Empire and wins.

Billy will point out that this means Victoria is not just a player now; he’s a Titan.

At the ranch, Victor is going to rush Nikki, obviously knowing this as COO. He will bicker with his wife, who will push Victor to understand why she has remained silent.

Nikki will want Victor to understand Victoria’s point of view, but Adam will point out that the announcement is not over.

Once Victor and Nikki have settled in, they will focus on continuing the livestream.

Ashland will be making a personal statement regarding the viral video which portrays him in a state of ill health and moodiness.

Ashland will have a hard time expressing the contempt and disgust he feels for anyone who would exploit a man’s private suffering for personal gain.

“Wait, can’t he talk about the video I filmed?” Sally will exclaim on the Crimson Lights patio. She will wonder how this video got online.

As for Ashland, he will publicly confirm that he has been diagnosed with a serious illness.

Ashland will want the details to be kept under wraps and ask everyone to respect their desire for privacy. He will talk about returning to an advisory role and making Victoria the COO of the new company.

Back at Lily and Billy’s house, Lily will think the confirmation of Ashland’s health is so sad. She will admit that she would have preferred a marriage proposal!

Lily will think Victoria was smart to establish personal trust with Ashland first.

Lily hopes Billy isn’t too disappointed to miss the merger and hints that maybe he just enjoys the thrill of facing the Newmans.

As for Jack, he will be outraged by the indignity of Ashland’s privacy not being respected by this video leak. Tara will be sitting next door in Abbott’s living room, looking terribly guilty!

Jack will eventually head to the cafe, where he will join Sally and wonder if she saw who filmed the video.

Sally will insist that the first time she heard of the posted video was in Ashland’s statement. She will argue that it was “very disgusting”, so Jack will note that he couldn’t agree more.

Nikki will try to make Victor see this merger as a great accomplishment for Victoria, but he will say that his daughter betrayed him and vows not to forget her.

However, Nikki will push Victor to call Victoria and tell her he’s proud of her. She won’t think it’s too late to turn things around in Victor and Victoria’s relationship.

After Victoria and Ashland welcome the announcement, Ashland will begin returning to her suite.

Victoria will arrest Ashland and invite her to stay at her home while they start the business instead. She will point out that the press will not be camping there – and that there will be plenty of room.

Victoria will even think that Harrison could come spend the night and play with her children, but Ashland will be wary of accepting this offer. Nonetheless, Victoria will continue to push and admit that she is falling in love with Ashland.

Ashland will insist that he is dying – maybe in a few months. Ashland won’t see why Victoria would want to subject herself or her children to watch her decline.

Victoria will hold on, even after Ashland says he should return to New York. While Victoria admits that she may not be able to have it forever, she will want it for as long as she can.

“You’re going to stay with me, aren’t you?” Victoria will plead. In the end, Ashland will give in.

At the ranch again, Adam will be rather nonchalant about the merger. “What’s the matter, my boy? Victor will ask.

Victor will note that Adam forgave Billy and then forgave Chelsea. Now Adam is laughing at a major business rival – his sister no less!

Victor will wonder if Adam has lost his killer instinct, but Adam will insist that he still has his competitive streak and plans to take a step.

Adam will suggest the merger was rushed and will argue that within six months Victoria will likely regret the day she accepted the offer.

Adam will be ready to seize any opportunities that arise in the meantime.

As for Tara, she hopes Victoria understands Ashland’s wishes for Harrison and honors them.

Kyle will assure Tara that Victoria is not the type to disinherit a child. Plus, Harrison will always be taken care of since he’s Abbott. Tara will admit that this is something she is grateful for every day.

Once Tara is summoned to the park, she will wonder what Sally wanted to talk about so urgently.

Sally will ask how this video of Ashland ended up on the Internet, so Tara will tell her to relax because no one knows Sally took it. “You relax! I don’t want any of that! Sally will retaliate.

Tara will admit that she sent herself a copy because she thought it would be useful – and it was.

Sally will get confirmation that Tara was behind the leak, but Tara will argue that they are the only ones who know anything.

Tara will think they should just shut up, so Sally will agree to pretend it never happened and stomp.

As the camera moves, we’ll see that Billy has been spying on the tense conversation nearby.

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