We must unlock on July 19 or risk “not opening at all”, warns Sajid Javid – .

We must unlock on July 19 or risk “not opening at all”, warns Sajid Javid – .

TThe Health Secretary said that “thanks to the shared sacrifices” of the British people and the “protective wall” of the UK vaccination program, we have made “enormous progress” in our fight against the pandemic.

Sajid Javid told the Commons “we all aspire to make it happen, and we all want it to be a one-way trip.”

He says the government’s decision on whether or not to continue unlocking restrictions on July 19 is based on the latest data and the four tests, all of which were satisfied.

About nine in ten adults in the UK now have Covid antibodies, and an additional seven million doses have been given since the June 21 unlock was delayed by a month, Mr Javid adds.

He says ‘we are in a stronger position than ever before’ and Britain is on the verge of beating its goal of making the vaccine available to all adults. And the vaccination program prevented about 46,000 hospitalizations and 30,000 deaths, he adds.

“The cases are increasing, propelled by the Delta variant … and unfortunately the number of cases will get worse before they improve”, adds Mr. Javid, and hospitalizations are also slowly increasing “but we should be encouraged”, they are much more weak than in previous waves.

“This is further proof that our immunization program is doing its job to protect the NHS, and as more and more people receive the vaccine our wall of protection is getting stronger,” he said.

He tells MPs that based on current evidence, the government does not believe infection rates – which could reach 100,000 a day later in the summer – will not be sustainable for the NHS.


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