Waterloo Region Nightclubs Reopen Amid COVID-19 Dance Floor Safety Concerns – .

Waterloo Region Nightclubs Reopen Amid COVID-19 Dance Floor Safety Concerns – .

WATERLOO – With nightclubs in Waterloo Region and across the province allowed to reopen, some fear dancing the night away is too much, too soon amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under step 3 of the province’s reopening framework, establishments with dance floors may operate with capacity limits. Clients must maintain a physical distance at all times and wear a mask.

“With an increase in transmissions of bodily fluids, whether through sweat or close contact, you risk higher transmission of the virus,” said Ahmad Firas Khalid, health policy expert at the University. Wilfrid Laurier.

On Friday night, the Dallas nightclub in Kitchener welcomed country music fans. The club did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but a former DJ said safety protocols are a priority for everyone who works at the clubs.

“The hardest part now is getting people to keep following them,” said local DJ Garrett Stilling. “People haven’t seen each other for a while and now you’re involved in alcohol. “

Khalid says the more people drink, the more their decision-making capacity diminishes.

“Their ability to maintain social distance, to continue to wear the face mask when they feel like they are too close to others, may not be there,” he said.

In Waterloo, Prohibition Warehouse continues to take a break from its Friday and Saturday evenings.

Supervisor Rachel Ragbir says the facility is eagerly awaiting a return to the dance.

“From 10pm until 2am, we were crazy. We miss it, ”she said. “We are just concerned about security and the lack of personnel. “

Some locals say clubbing is too risky right now.

“I don’t think people are going to move away, people are going to clubs to dance together,” said a local resident.

“Even if you have the best of intentions, like after a few drinks sometimes it goes out the window if you’re just having a good time,” said another resident.


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