Watch the trailer for the ‘Dexter’ revival, the show you’ll watch even if you swore it – .

Watch the trailer for the ‘Dexter’ revival, the show you’ll watch even if you swore it – .

If you’ve seen the eight seasons of Dexter, there is absolutely no way you will be happy with it. There aren’t many series that have taken such steep creative dives as the Showtime series, which also featured one of the worst series finals of all time. For those who don’t remember, Dexter steered his boat into a fucking hurricane and was presumed dead, only to run into Oregon as a fucking lumberjack.

The revival resumed a decade after these events. Dexter lives in a small town in upstate New York called Iron Lake (here played by various towns in western Massachusetts). He lives under a new identity (Jim Lindsey) and works in a fish and game store. He appears to be dating a local cop and seeing a therapist. It looks like he’s doing very well, and even managed to silence his Dark Passenger.

Until he didn’t. Let the serial killings begin again.

Dexter: new blood debuts on Showtime on November 7. Michael C. Hall will be back for the 10-episode series, as will Jennifer Carpenter and John Lithgow, albeit briefly. Jamie Chung will play a true crime podcaster, and Clancy Brown will play the mayor of Iron Lake and the season’s main antagonist.

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