Watch Ohio State sign Quinn Ewers shine on Pro Day in Elite 11 final – .

Watch Ohio State sign Quinn Ewers shine on Pro Day in Elite 11 final – .

MANHATTAN BEACH, Californie – All eyes lingered on him.
“In the big house,” one of the Elite 11 coaches told everyone nearby, referring to the Michigan football stadium.

Quinn Ewers, under the center of the 10-yard line, called for the snap and took it. The five-star Ohio State quarterback took a five-step fall, planted his right foot on the 15-yard line, jumped off the crow and delivered a high strike to the receiver who crashed into the lane. back of the end zone.

The spreader leapt up and caught the pass, even though he couldn’t get his foot in the bounds. For the coaches, the ball – thrown by touch – was pretty good.

“It’s in the Big House,” the coach shouted again.

It was the last of Ewers’ throws in Thursday night’s pro day practice in which he shone. Almost everything he threw was on target as people watching from the sideline ooh and aah as he made his way up the pitch.

All of the quarterbacks in the Elite 11 final on Thursday attended – or are still participating – in Professional Day’s Workout, which is designed to resemble the types of pre-NFL draft workouts held at a college quarterback. . Here, all the flaggers use the same script of throws from the same parts of the field to compete on an equal footing.

Ewers still has one day – Friday morning – to plead the MVP Elite 11 Finals victory.


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