Warriors to clear closet for Bradley Beal or keep picks 7 and 14, report says – .

Warriors to clear closet for Bradley Beal or keep picks 7 and 14, report says – .

One of the biggest scenarios in Thursday’s NBA Draft is what the Golden State Warriors will do with their two lottery picks, which currently sit at No.7 and 14. Veteran Warriors Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green made this clear to management. that they want the franchise to prioritize immediate competition for the championship, according to The Athletic’s Marcus Thompson, who is the code to put those picks on the table as part of a possible trade package.

In that same post, Thompson reported that Bradley Beal would be at the top of the Warriors’ wishlist. He’s an immensely talented goalscorer and underrated playmaker who would fit right in with Golden State’s ball and player movement system, and having set 28 last month, he’s still got plenty of years to go. of choice in front of him.

Damian Lillard is another superstar name mentioned as a potential target for the Warriors, but Thompson reported that the Warriors “don’t suspect” that Lillard would want to come to Golden State even if he asks for a trade and Portland has to do so. available. So, they turned their attention to Beal, who also hasn’t officially requested a swap, but would strongly consider doing so.

“Like many players in the league, Golden State is going to wait and see how it goes with Bradley Beal,” ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski said Sunday. “Unless Bradley Beal is available, I expect Golden State to use those picks at 7 and 14 this week. ”

In other words, as it stands, it’s Beal or the bust until the Warriors clear the closet for a star acquisition. But the wording of that quote from Wojnarowski is “like a lot in the league,” the Warriors are going to wait and see what happens with Beal. If he does become available, the Warriors certainly won’t be the only ones trying to get him.

But they just might have the best package. No.7 and 14 picks in this year’s draft plus last year’s No.2 pick James Wiseman, plus maybe some future picks and / or trades (which could become very valuable if they’re later in the game. the decade when the Warriors may have fallen after one last run with their current core), is a tough package to beat. Andrew Wiggins could make the money work. It is certainly intriguing for both sides.

As with all rumors this time of year, we’ll wait and see what happens to this. But if Beal does ask Washington, odds are it will happen ahead of Thursday’s draft, which would give the Wizards an opportunity to seek out vacant draft picks before they’re actually used on a player, or to set up a draft night deal for a team like the Warriors to select the players the Wizards would want at 7 and 14 with a pending deal with Beal in place.


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