Vladimir Putin and France Thrill Russia’s New Wine Law – “Deplorable” | World

Vladimir Putin and France Thrill Russia’s New Wine Law – “Deplorable” | World

Last week, the Russian president approved a new law that only allows Russian wines to be labeled as “champagne”. All other foreign brands must mark their products as “sparkling wine”, although on the backs of the bottles. Historically, French producers have fiercely sought to restrict the use of the term “champagne” to wines produced in a small area of ​​the Champagne region of France.

In addition, the wines must be made from approved grape varieties, as well as aging for at least 15 months in order to obtain the appreciated appellation.
Reacting to the new law, the French Champagne Committee called on its members to temporarily suspend all shipments to Russia.

In a statement, Jean-Marie Barillere, co-chairman of the group, lambasted the new law in a fit of anger.

He said: “The Champagne Committee regrets that this legislation does not guarantee Russian consumers clear and transparent information on the origins and characteristics of wine.
Moet Hennessy has announced that he will halt exports of his champagne to Russia while he makes the adjustments.

The company is famous for its Moët & Chandon, Dom Perignon and Veuve Clicquot brands.

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However, the Commission declined to say what countermeasures it was considering.

The Russians have reacted with bewilderment and resignation to their president’s new edict, as they envisioned a future without their beloved French champagne.

Olga Sokolova, sales manager at Vinicom, which imports and distributes foreign wine in Russia, told the Daily Telegraph: “It seems to be wrong, but it is true.

“From today, black is now white and white is black. “


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