Virgin Media’s response to woman who was left in tears after installation blunder – .

Virgin Media’s response to woman who was left in tears after installation blunder – .

Virgin Media responded after a woman was left in tears when the company installed a junction box directly in front of her driveway.
Hanna Dillon remained furious when she spotted the four-foot box blocking her driveway, the Mirror reports.

The 32-year-old was forced to run home after neighbors informed her that contractors were setting up the box.

But, now the home entertainment company says the box has been in its driveway for two decades and the workers were only replacing an old one.

Hanna now has trouble getting her car out of the driveway

Hanna attempted to move the box, and her neighbor agreed to have it installed next to her perimeter wall – a few feet from her current location.

Hanna, who is not a Virgin Media client, then said: “They kept laughing. I cried. I will lose money for the house now. “

The new box is an improved connection to the cable TV network, but it is much larger than the previous one.

But that restricts her access to the aisle, which infuriated her: “It’s a massive box. How am I supposed to get in and out of the aisle with this across? I can not believe it. ”

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Hanna had asked the local authority to knock down a sidewalk so that she could move her car into her driveway.

Hanna has lived in the house for eight years and has invested a significant amount of money in improving her property.

Virgin Media said the box was only replacing an old one and that they had offered to move the box in the past but, after providing a quote, Hanna did not sue it.

Workers set up the box outside its driveway

A Virgin Media spokesperson told the newspaper: “The cabinet outside Ms. Dillon’s home has been in the same position for over 20 years.

“We recently replaced the damaged cabinet with a new one to help protect our network at a time when connectivity has never been more important.

“If a customer is not happy with the location of one of our cabinets, they should contact us directly and we will address their concerns. “


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