Vince McMahon says AEW is nowhere near WCW competitive level – .

Vince McMahon says AEW is nowhere near WCW competitive level – .

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Vince McMahon is making his feelings clear about AEW as a competition in 2021.

All Elite Wrestling burst onto the scene in 2019 and over their 2.5 years of existence they continued to grow and even took names that were in WWE when they started and transformed them. in AEW champions.

While this isn’t WWE’s first rodeo to face competition from another wrestling organization, Vince McMahon said on a recent earnings conference call that he doesn’t consider AEW to be close to the level. WCW competition 20 years ago.

“This is definitely not a situation where the tides are rising because Ted Turner was also chasing us with all of Time Warner’s assets. It was a different situation. AEW is where they are. I don’t really know what their plans are, all I know is what our plans are. I don’t see them as a competition the way I saw WCW back then. Not even close to that. I’m not sure what their investments are in terms of their talent. Maybe we can give them more.

It was difficult to fully decipher Vince McMahon’s tone during the statement. Her voice was difficult to read, due to volume issues, growling, and her dragging voice. Moreover, Nick Khan would add to that by reiterating the company’s point of view that they are in competition with all the content creation conglomerates and their biggest competitor is quite possibly just sleeping.

“The way we look at these situations is kind of like a horse race where the horse has blinders on. We look straight ahead and down our lane and make sure to stay ahead of the pack. At the same time, everything is our competition. Someone had a line a few weeks ago that we laughed at, “sleep is our competition”. If it were up to us, people would be up around the clock watching content from different content providers, hopefully including ours. We don’t see any particular organization as a competition, but we see everything as competitive in terms of what we’re trying to do in terms of eyeballs.

Recently, it was reported that AEW will be signing contracts with CM Punk and WrestleMania 2021 headliner Daniel Bryan.

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