vaccine refusals endanger the whole country – .

vaccine refusals endanger the whole country – .

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Thursday issued a new appeal to all Israelis to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, accusing those eligible for the vaccination who have not done so of endangering the rest of the country.

In a prime-time televised address from Tel Aviv, Bennett said the government’s goal is to allow Israelis to go about their business unhindered and not reimpose COVID-19 lockdown measures.

“We want to have an open and safe country. We are running this campaign responsibly… and based on facts and data, ”Bennett said.

Claiming that the vaccines alone were insufficient to deal with the more contagious Delta variant, which has been widely blamed for the resurgence of infections in Israel, Bennett urged all Israelis over 12 to get vaccinated.

“Any citizen over 12 years of age who has no medical reason not to be vaccinated must go for the vaccine,” he said.

“A million Israelis refuse to be vaccinated,” Bennett continued. “They endanger the entire population, they endanger the 8 million citizens of the country. “

He warned that vaccine lockdowns could lead the government to impose a fourth national lockdown since the start of the pandemic.

A young Israeli receives a vaccine against the coronavirus at a Clalit vaccination center in Petah Tikva, July 19, 2021. (Flash90)

“If you know of a refusal of vaccination, convince him, explain to him that it endangers the health of others”, declared the Prime Minister. ” Do not abandon them. “

In her remarks, Bennett noted Thursday the high-level coronavirus cabinet decision to start requiring the unvaccinated to pay for COVID testing out of pocket, which ties her to government pressure to increase vaccination rates.

“There is no reason for taxpayers and those who fulfill their civic duty to get vaccinated to fund tests for those who refuse to get vaccinated,” he said.

Bennett also noted that those who are vaccinated face less stringent quarantine requirements when entering the country.

Earlier Thursday, the coronavirus cabinet approved the reinstatement of the “Green Pass,” limiting attendance at major events to those who are vaccinated, have recovered from COVID-19, or have a valid negative test result.

The renewed restriction will take effect on July 29, pending government approval.

Ministers also voted to add the UK, Georgia, Cyprus and Turkey to a list of countries where Israelis are banned from traveling due to COVID fears. The latter two are among the most popular destinations for Israeli tourists.

If the government approves it, the ban on visiting these countries will begin on July 30.

Also on Thursday, a health minister’s committee on vaccines reportedly voted against recommending a third booster for the elderly, public broadcaster Kan reported.

According to the report, committee members said that even though vaccine efficacy appears to be waning, especially in the face of the delta variant, it would be more effective to wait for a booster specifically targeting the variant that is in the process of being released. be developed by Pfizer.

The final decision will not go to the director general of the Ministry of Health, Nachman Ash.

After COVID-related morbidity and mortality reached record levels, following a mass vaccination campaign, Israel experienced an increase in infections that was largely blamed on the Delta variant.

According to new figures from the Ministry of Health released Thursday evening, 901 new cases have been confirmed since midnight, bringing the number of active infections to 9,742.

The number of critically ill patients increased further to 75 and the death toll increased slightly to 6,457.


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