Vaccine Czar Kate Bingham can’t travel overseas because she suffered a test jab – .

Vaccine Czar Kate Bingham can’t travel overseas because she suffered a test jab – .

In a letter sent to vaccine volunteers last month, Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, said: “The Department of Health and Welfare is strongly committed to all volunteers in vaccine trials. Covid-19 officially approved in UK. that you will not be at a disadvantage in terms of future household vaccine certification, if introduced, compared to anyone else who has received their vaccines under the standard NHS program. ”

Insisting that anyone who took part in a clinical trial would be ‘treated as fully vaccinated’, he added: ‘Operationally, it will take a few weeks for the NHS to complete the programming work, but that will happen before the end of July. .

“Participants in well-regulated clinical trials should also not be at a disadvantage as global travel resumes. We believe the added risk of allowing the relatively small number of clinical trial participants to travel – to the UK, around 40,000 people, the vast majority of whom have been vaccinated – is more than outweighed by the benefit of ensuring that recruitment and retention in clinical trials may continue. “

A DHSC spokesperson said: “The NHS Covid Pass service helps tens of thousands of English and Welsh citizens to demonstrate their vaccination status quickly, easily and free of charge, both for international travel and for use while on the move. events as part of the events research program.

“The information displayed comes from the national NHS systems and, if a patient’s information is incorrect or missing, they can contact their GP who can update their record. The NHS Covid Pass service will post information on vaccines for those registered in the coming weeks. in clinical trials. ”


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