Usher Opens Vegas Residence With A Bong, Turns Into Sing-Along – .

Usher Opens Vegas Residence With A Bong, Turns Into Sing-Along – .

I’m not kidding here – the singer’s first residency show Friday at Caesar’s Palace turned out to be everything anyone could expect… and maybe more. And, from the footage that emerges from the performance, fans seem to be sure to come away satisfied.

Just watch a few of those clips of Mr. Raymond doing his thaaang on stage in front of 4,300 spectators – selling the seat to the last seat – who sang, danced and called with mad enthusiasm. Almost as if it was still in 2007! 😆

Frankly… this is possibly one of the best-received Vegas residency shows we’ve seen in quite some time – which only shows the loud fanfare Usher wears, even today. BTW, the guy is still in pain… but as “bad” as he was with his movements (bump on the stage, pelvic shots, etc.), the audience might have had even worse, because they ate the ride .

Usher aurait traversé un tas de ses tubes, dont « Nice & Slow », « Yeah! » « My Boo », « DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love », « OMG », « Caught Up » … et, bien sûr, « Confessions ».

His set design was also something to see – it looks like they made a full-fledged makeshift club for him… with an upper deck, stripper poles, and lights galore. Usher has even been seen releasing his now infamous ” Usher dollars »… Which make sense in this context.

In other words, Usher et co. went all out for opening night – and it felt like a party from hell. Word is… his next shows are sold out for quite a while – proving that, yes, the demand is there… he’s possibly Sin City’s hottest ticket right now. Again, having him on the Vegas slate was clearly a good move.

We have to admit – it’s a bit surreal to see it here. Residence shows are usually reserved for your favorite acts from the past (no hate towards the legends who play them)… and it looks like Usher is out of date in that regard. He was still sexy 7-8 years ago !!!

Damn… give people what they want. And, in this case, they want Ursher.


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