USA 6-1 Martinique – Americans crush Concacaf minnow – .

USA 6-1 Martinique – Americans crush Concacaf minnow – .

After a performance where the USMNT struggled to beat Haiti decisively and convincingly, the team easily overtook an outmatched Martinican team. The Americans were more talented in all areas of the field and it showed. A pair of first-half goals gave way to an explosion of four in the second as the Caribbean team was exhausted and overpowered by the United States. A late penalty scored by Martinique could be costly as it pushed away the goals of the forced tiebreaker in the American squad.

The Americans lined up in a 3-4-3 as Gregg Berhalter gave people what they wanted and pitched Eryk WIlliamson, Daryl Dike and Matthew Hoppe.

Martinique responded with their training as the majority of their players come under the national league of Martinique or the lower divisions of France, Spain and Italy.

Goals gifs because there were 7 goals

This is the Gold Cup and the talent gap between the top teams and the bottom teams is very obvious, this was one of those cases.

The team got off to a quick start thanks to a score from Daryl Dike in the 14th minute.

His goal came as the United States dominated possession and largely dictated the course of the game. It would be the story of the first half with the ball controlled by the United States and Martinique not doing much.

It looked like Dike would have his second goal of the night after the Stars and Stripes kicked the ball inside Martinique’s box, but it was decided it was an own own goal. , so his time would have to wait.

The United States continued to push for goals during half-time, but the teams went into the locker room 2-0. That score won’t last long as Miles Robinson gave the Stars and Stripes a 3-0 lead.

More goals would come though, as Daryl Dike did something that should likely be made illegal in several states and territories across the United States and bailed out the Martinique goalkeeper to bring the score to 4-0.

If there is a football version of the phrase, bless your heart Dike just said it.

Interestingly, Martinique still had some fighting in the tank as they looked for a consolation goal. This would come after Kellyn Acosta fouled inside the box and a penalty was awarded. Emmanuel Rivière stepped forward and just pulled out a bottle of sauce and hit his shot from the spot in front of Matt Turner. If your team is down four goals and you take a PK like that, they better get in.

By this point, Dike had made way for Gyasi Zardes. The replacement would make his presence known by giving the advantage to the USMNT 5-1 with a very soft first touch and a well placed shot taken while running.

The Americans kept pushing for a sixth goal and had quite a few chances until they were… After Martinique failed to clear a corner, Gianluca Busio recovered a ball, sprinted to ‘at the signing then hit Nico Gioacchini back, bringing the score to 6-1.

At this point, the United States were still looking for a point to win Canada’s tiebreaker, as apparently there is doubt the team could beat Canada squarely in the group. Alas, that would not happen as the match ended 6-1.


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