US Expands Efforts to Relocate Afghans Threatened by Taliban Revenge – .

US Expands Efforts to Relocate Afghans Threatened by Taliban Revenge – .

WASHINGTON – The U.S. military is preparing to house up to 35,000 Afghan interpreters and their families at two U.S. bases, in Kuwait and Qatar, in an increased effort to help those facing retaliation from the Taliban for helping US forces, US officials said.
Plans are underway to build temporary housing and other facilities at Camp As Sayliyah in Qatar and Camp Buehring in Kuwait, which would be designed to house interpreters for at least 18 months. Thousands of welcome packages, containing health and comfort items and packaged military meals not containing pork, to meet Muslim dietary requirements, are being placed at the bases, officials said.
The plans are to house the interpreters and their families while waiting for US visas to be processed for permanent relocation to the United States. Construction and other preparations at the two bases are expected to cost the U.S. government several hundred million dollars, officials said.
The plans build on similar preparations elsewhere. An initial group of about 2,500 Afghan interpreters and their families are expected to arrive in Fort Lee, Va., In the coming days, officials said. These people, which include 750 applicants and their families, will stay at Fort Lee for a week to 10 days before being permanently relocated to the United States, officials said.
Thousands of other interpreters and their families are not as far along in the special immigrant visa application process, which can take several years. As Taliban fighters win in Afghanistan, officials cite a growing need to evacuate these interpreters and their families from the country as soon as possible to protect them from possible reprisals.


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