US Department of Justice to Appeal Daca Court Decision, Biden Says

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Joe Biden said the US Department of Justice plans to appeal a new court ruling that ends an Obama-era program to protect immigrant youth from deportation.

Texas Federal Judge Andrew Hanen on Friday ruled the Deferred Action Program for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) illegal. This program prevents the deportation of immigrants who were brought to the United States illegally as children, called “Dreamers”.

The move bars the government from approving any new requests – in other words, suspending Daca. For now, Daca is preserved for the more than 616,000 people enrolled in the program until other courts intervene. Hanen’s decision is also in favor of the eight other conservative states that are suing to thwart Daca.

“Yesterday’s Federal Court decision is deeply disappointing. Although the court order does not currently affect the current beneficiaries of Daca, this decision nevertheless relegates hundreds of thousands of young immigrants to an uncertain future, ”the president’s statement said.

“The Ministry of Justice intends to appeal this decision in order to preserve and fortify Daca. And, as the court acknowledged, the Department of Homeland Security plans to release a proposed rule regarding Daca in the near future.

Daca has been under Conservative fire since its inception in 2012. Texas requested an end to the program in 2018 through a preliminary injunction.

While Hanen rejected this request, his decision then seems to have presaged. Hanen said he believed Daca, as instituted, was likely unconstitutional without congressional approval.

Hanen also ruled in 2015 that Barack Obama couldn’t expand Daca’s protections or implement a program protecting Dreamers’ parents.

In September 2017, the Trump administration announced that it was planning to end Daca, plunging beneficiaries into turmoil. Following lengthy legal battles, the US Supreme Court blocked Donald Trump’s efforts.

Biden lobbied for Daca to become permanent and vowed during the election campaign that he would make the program permanent. While US House legislation gave the green light in March that paved the way for citizenship for dreamers, the measure languished in the Senate.

“In 2012, the Obama-Biden administration created the Deferred Action Policy for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which allowed hundreds of thousands of immigrant youth to stay in the United States, to live, to d ‘study and work in our communities. Nine years later, Congress has failed to act to pave the way for citizenship for dreamers, ”Biden’s statement also said.

“But only Congress can guarantee a permanent solution by giving Dreamers a path to citizenship that will bring the certainty and stability these young people need and deserve. I have repeatedly asked Congress to pass the American Dream and Promise Act, and I now renew this call with the greatest urgency.

“It is my fervent hope that through reconciliation or other means, Congress will finally bring safety to all Dreamers, who have lived too long in fear,” said Biden.

The Associated Press contributed to this report


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