US Department of Justice Charges Four Chinese Nationals in Microsoft Exchange Hacking – Live | US News

US Department of Justice Charges Four Chinese Nationals in Microsoft Exchange Hacking – Live |  US News

This week marks six months that Democrats held the majority in the Senate, and it starts with a lot of legislation on common parts of infrastructure legislation this Joe Biden hope to pass.

As a reminder: we have the $ 1.2 billion bipartite infrastructure agreement focused on improving the roads, bridges and transit that Democrats have worked with republicans. Then we have the A human infrastructure bill of $ 3.5 billion focused on improving social services and environmental measures.

Republicans were unhappy with the bundling of the two bills after lengthy negotiations over the bipartisan agreement. In particular, they balked at the size of the human infrastructure bill. In an interview with Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures, the Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said he would advise his fellow Republicans “to learn something from our Democratic friends in Texas when it comes to avoiding a $ 3.5 billion tax and spending package: get out of town “. Graham, of course, is referring to how Texas Democrats thwarted a restrictive voting bill by fleeing the state and preventing a quorum.

But first: the bipartite agreement. The majority leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, should drop cloture today on the bipartisan infrastructure bill, in an effort to speed things up so Democrats can then focus on passing the human infrastructure bill.

Closure is essentially the procedure for ending debate and taking a vote. Still, senators from the bipartisan group who proposed the plan spent the weekend trying to fix a $ 100 billion hole that arose after Republicans challenged plans to strengthen enforcement of the plan. ‘IRS, Politico reports.

“How can I vote for closure when the bill is not drafted?” the republican senator Bill Cassidy said on Fox News on Sunday.


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