Unconditional England fan of Waterlooville warning after contracting Covid ‘in Trafalgar Square fan zone’ – .

Unconditional England fan of Waterlooville warning after contracting Covid ‘in Trafalgar Square fan zone’ – .

Football madman Marc Fewell, 41, said he knew he was taking the risk to see Gareth Southgate’s men win against Germany alongside thousands of fans in London.

He believed that the risk was outweighed by having been doubly vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine. Waterlooville’s father thought he was fully protected.

But after suffering so much from the virus that he could barely lift a finger to celebrate the 2-1 win over Denmark, he is warning others of what Covid can do.

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He watched the game in London on June 29 after visiting his stepmother in Putney.
He was still feeling good after the victory against Ukraine on July 2 and was “walking” in Asda Havant with a few cans of beers under his arm.
Marc then started to feel bad. What followed two days later was “one of the worst experiences of my life,” the Tottenham fan said. “It was like the worst flu attack I have ever had mixed with glandular fever.
“My bones hurt when I had a fever, my bones felt like they were on fire, I had a sore throat and was sweating.
Marc Fewell and his wife Lucy
“I would jump out of bed to do something normal, within seconds I would have a penetrating cold and all I could think of was get into bed and have something on my head to keep the cold out.” “
Marc, who has traveled the world watching England play, tested positive for Covid in a lateral flow test and at the Havant testing center after being told he had to take a PCR test.
He is now in a virtual Covid room with medics performing daily checks on him.

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“The things you take for granted wear you out,” he said. “For me, an achievement is being able to get out of bed, get off, make a cup of coffee and come back without getting out of breath.
“The worst part is the shortness of breath, you start to lose this one – your mind starts to play with you. “
Marc has said that as horrible as he feels, he is most upset to see his wife Lucy, 43, fall with Covid. She felt bad during the Denmark game and had to stop watching. He said, “The next morning it was broken.
The couple’s 17-year-old daughter Ellie has tested negative, but they are watching closely as she is in bad weather.
Marc said: “I wasn’t going to deny the opportunity to see Germany with thousands and thousands of other crazy Englishmen, but it was really difficult because I have this breathing situation.
“It was difficult for me to watch England’s most important game (against Denmark) and not celebrate it. The humble me was in my living room with my finger monitor on. I couldn’t be excited.
“I walked in (Trafalgar Square) with my eyes open, everyone knows the risk and I took that risk and took off – but that’s my gear to wear. “
The fan zone has a capacity of over 1,000 people. Calls for something similar in Portsmouth were turned down by council leaders.
Marc added: “I don’t teach anyone how to suck eggs but there are a lot of people posting and thinking the same as me, I had my double jab and thought I was good to go. – maybe I’m a little naive.
“I wouldn’t be a responsible human being in society if I didn’t say ‘you need to think’.
“This is my Covid experience, I’m not telling anyone to have a jab, or not to have a jab, to wear or not to wear a foil hat, all I’m saying is is that it happened to me.
“I just want people to have a story where they can make up their own informed opinions. “
The government’s advice to people who have been vaccinated is to “continue to take recommended precautions to avoid infection.”

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