Un fan du Yankee Stadium banni Alex Verdugo – .

Un fan du Yankee Stadium banni Alex Verdugo – .

NEW YORK – The fan who hit the Boston Red Sox outfielder Alex Verdugo with a baseball thrown from the stands at Yankee Stadium was banned for life from attending major league games.
The decision was confirmed on Sunday by spokespersons for New York Yankees and Major League Baseball.

Red Sox manager Alex Cora briefly took his side off the pitch in the sixth inning on Saturday night after Verdugo was struck in the back by a ball thrown from the left-field seats. He was not injured.

“While the Yankees appreciate the spirit and passion of our fans in our various rivalries – especially with the Red Sox – reckless, disorderly and dangerous behavior that endangers the safety of players, field staff or others fans will not be tolerated, ”he added. The Yankees said in a statement on Sunday.

“There’s absolutely no room for that at Yankee Stadium. The safety of everyone at Yankee Stadium, including guests in the stands and players on the pitch, will always be the top priority for the Yankees organization whenever we open our doors. “

An angry Verdugo yelled at the fans and was held back by first baseman Tom Goodwin as the game was delayed in the pouring rain. The fan was thrown from the stadium.

“When I went there it was loud and it got mean – on both sides,” Cora said on Sunday. “I just needed to calm him down. That’s the only reason I just pulled everyone off the pitch. I tell myself, where he is mentally, he will not be able to play for the moment. No chance. “

Verdugo said he threw the ball into the stands to a young Red Sox fan, but a Yankees fan intercepted him and sent him back onto the pitch, hitting the outfielder.

“It’s horrible, embarrassing, unacceptable,” New York manager Aaron Boone said afterwards.

Verdugo returned to left field when play resumed following a discussion with the umpires near the Boston dugout.

“I felt like he was being targeted at me and that doesn’t suit me,” he said.

New York won 3-1 in a game called after six innings due to heavy rain.

“Obviously the player was upset, that’s understandable,” referee team chief Jeff Nelson told a pool reporter on Saturday night. “We tried to make sure there was a safety presence in left field, that the issue was resolved by safety, and then also balancing that with continuing play and keeping play, knowing that we had continuous rain. “

NJ.com reported on Sunday that the fan had not been arrested.

“I’m surprised nothing happened, let’s put it that way,” Cora said.

“I’m just glad (Verdugo) is OK. He saw the video and all that, I guess, and he’s fine, ”added the manager. “Obviously yesterday wasn’t great for the game, it wasn’t great for the people here. I know how bad they feel. Hope this is the last time something like this has happened.


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