UK workplaces most affected by self-isolation, data shows – .

UK workplaces most affected by self-isolation, data shows – .

The full extent of the Covid ‘pingemia’ has been exposed with data showing that store workers, cleaners and caterers have been hit the hardest by the isolation in recent months.
An analysis of absences from the workforce carried out to is shows that 74,292 consumer and retail workers self-isolated in July, with 18,758 other workers on leave with confirmed Covid-19 infections.

Data shows the second most affected industry is workplace services, which includes catering, cleaning and facility management, with 65,673 staff in isolation and 12,865 employees infected with Covid.

Downing Street declined to say exactly which areas will be exempt from isolation, but any of the most affected are unlikely to be excused from the quarantine.

The figures were compiled by FirstCare, which maintains the UK’s largest database on workplace absences covering both the private and public sectors.

The company provides data analysis on employee absences to the NHS, the Department for Work and Pensions, BAE Systems and manufacturing giant Philips.

Its database contains more than 22 million days of absence, covering more than 750,000 employee files.

According to statistics, the transport and logistics sectors currently have 39,170 employees in self-isolation, up from 16,731 in June. The health system has 26,933 workers in quarantine, up from 22,678 the previous month.

The government has 19,787 staff members on sick leave this month, up from 10,993 in June.

Industries, such as the British Meat Processors Association, have warned that production lines have started to fail due to the number of workers self-isolating due to contact with the coronavirus.

Chief Executive Nick Allen said the industry cannot rely on the exemptions Boris Johnson announced because it was made clear that very few people would benefit from the plan.

Mr. Allan said an “air of despondency” was pervading the industry.

“So far we have been successful in keeping the food supply chain running, but we feel like we are starting to fail on this front,” he told the BBC.

Mr Johnson apologized to companies “from top to bottom of the country” which suffer “the inconvenience” of being cracked by the application, during the Prime Minister’s questions.

He said the government would soon switch to a system based on “contact testing rather than contact isolation” next month.

“But until then, I just have to remind everyone that isolation is a vital tool in our defense against disease,” he added.

It comes as No10 has championed the government’s new three-word pandemic slogan, which is ‘moving lives forward’ and will be used in marketing campaigns throughout the summer as the country learns to live with it. Covid.

Sir Keir Starmer attacked the government’s approach, warning that the country was heading into a “summer of chaos”.

Suzanne Marshall, head of clinical governance for FirstCare, warned that it is not only Covid that can harm health, as prolonged periods of self-isolation can also “wreak havoc.”


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