UK Weather: Heat Warning Issued As Temperatures Could Reach 32 ° C On Sunday

UK Weather: Heat Warning Issued As Temperatures Could Reach 32 ° C On Sunday

Temperatures are expected to rise to as high as 32C this weekend as people are urged to stay safe in the heat.

Forecasters believe Sunday could be the hottest day of the year – and it could be the hottest weekend so far.

A a health alert has been issued in England with high temperatures expected to be ‘widespread across most of Britain’ from the end of the week and throughout the weekend.

Saturday is expected to be very hot as the heat increases throughout the weekend with long stretches of sunshine for most of the UK.

And it will be “even hotter on Sunday”, with temperatures from York Valley to Cardiff and parts of East Anglia expected to be “well over 30”.

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“31C, 32C wouldn’t be out of the question either,” said Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern.

He said Sunday would be “a hot day, the hottest day of the year so far, the hottest weekend of the year so far.”

Beach goers enjoying the sun in Falmouth, Cornwall

And long periods of sunshine could lead to a high risk of sunburn and pollen, the forecaster added.

Will Lang, Head of Civilian Contingencies at the Met Office, added: ‘In most parts of the UK we expect temperatures to rise, reaching heatwave thresholds in much of England over the week. -end.

“High temperatures will remain a feature of the forecast until Tuesday, when cooler conditions arrive, reducing heatwave levels. “

Public Health England has warned people to take extra care to stay cool and hydrated – and to support those who may be more vulnerable to the scorching heat.

The Sunseekers are set to take advantage of the scorching heat in Blackpool this weekend

The alert, which covers England – excluding parts of the North East, North West and London – is due to last until Tuesday.

PHE Scientific and Technical Director Dr Owen Landeg said much of the advice for dealing with the sweltering heat is “common sense”.

But he warned that the warmer conditions can lead to “real health risks” for the elderly, children and those with underlying health conditions.

The hottest day of the year so far has been June 14, when temperatures soared to 29.7 ° C (85.46 ° F) in Bushy Park in London.


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