UK Food Review calls for sugar and salt tax – .

UK Food Review calls for sugar and salt tax – .

Government officials have said they will respond to the review in six months in an official white paper, although Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not appear enthusiastic when questioned by reporters on Thursday. “I am not, I must say, drawn to the idea of ​​additional taxes on hardworking people,” he said, although he said there was “no doubt that there was good ideas “.

The review, which consulted 300 food, agriculture and health groups and was authored by Henry Dimbleby, the founder of the Leon restaurant chain, which serves what he calls healthy fast food and more sustainable, called for a wide variety of changes to tackle diet and health inequalities and tackle climate change.

But it is a proposed tax on sugar (about $ 2 a pound) and salt (about double) used in processed foods or provided by restaurants or caterers that has attracted the most attention and raised the issue. strongest reactions.

The Food Foundation, which was consulted in the review, called the tax a “thrilling proposition”, adding that childhood obesity levels in Britain were at a critical level and had not declined in recent years, and that the nation has the ability to “pivot the food system to protect human and planetary health.”

Britain introduced a tax on sugary drinks three years ago, and researchers found that this led beverage makers to reduce the sugar content of their products. A salt tax – a world first – would have a similar effect, prompting food manufacturers to reformulate their foods where voluntary attempts have failed, Graham MacGregor said, Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at Queen Mary University and Chairman of the Action on Salt advocacy group.


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