UK Covid live: 1 in 65 people in England had coronavirus last week but R number decreases slightly

UK Covid live: 1 in 65 people in England had coronavirus last week but R number decreases slightly

It took place on the evening of February 1, 2021 – the day she was taken off the SNP front bench squad at Westminster.
Ms Cherry claimed it happened after senior SNP politicians, staff and members of the party’s ruling National Executive Committee (NEC) “falsely accused” her of transphobia “simply because that I had spoken to defend the rights of women and girls and the right to liberty. speech “.
The MP for South West Edinburgh denounced: “These irresponsible accusations have put a target on my back and given the toxicity of the current debate on gender identity and harassment, abuse and threats of death that I had already received, it was quite foreseeable that further abuses and threats could be aroused, as in fact happened.
Karte, who she said was a member of the SNP at the time, sent her “a number of threatening and obscene private messages, including threats of sexual violence” on the evening of February 1, 2021.
He previously admitted to sending Twitter messages “grossly offensive or indecent, obscene or threatening” in that he repeatedly threatened Ms. Cherry in violation of the 2003 Communications Act.
Ms Cherry, former SNP justice and home affairs spokesperson, added: ‘While I have become used to the abuse on social media, the nature of these messages and the fact that they were sent in private caused me considerable fear, shock and alarm, and I immediately informed the police.
However, she claimed that Karte was the associate of a group of men “including former and current SNP members … who repeatedly abused and harassed me and other female SNP members on the social networks ”.
Ms Cherry argued that if “measures had been taken to combat this behavior, it would not have reached the level of criminality”.
She continued: “I am very disappointed that no one in the SNP hierarchy has acknowledged or condemned Grant Karte’s threats to me, despite his criminal conviction.
“I did not receive the same support as other women who suffered abuse, often much less serious and below criminality.
“In recent years we’ve heard a lot of fine words about the importance of condemning abuse and taking women’s harassment complaints seriously, but in the end, actions speak louder than words.
Ms Cherry said she now hopes that “Karte’s crime will be publicly condemned” by the party, and that “those who have brought wrongful accusations against me, thus exacerbating the risk of abuse and threats, will have decency. to withdraw these accusations and to apologize ”.


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