UK Covid cases drop for sixth day as number of hospitals surpasses 5,000

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Coronavirus infections in the UK fell for the sixth day in a row, with 24,950 laboratory-confirmed cases reported. This is the lowest daily figure for more than three weeks.

Hospital admission and occupancy rates – which tend to mirror infection rates around two weeks ago – have increased last week, with the number of Covid-19 patients hospitalized in England surpassing 5,000 for the first time since mid-March.

The seven-day average for Admission to hospital, which corrects irregularities in reporting over the weekend, rose 26% last week. Meanwhile, the occupancy of hospital beds for coronavirus patients has also increased significantly over the past week, with the occupancy of mechanical ventilation beds increasing by 31% and that of other beds in 33%.

Last Monday, 39,950 cases and 72 deaths were recorded. The number of cases for the UK has been dropping since England reached their final unlocking milestone a week ago. However, in a briefing ahead of Monday’s figure announcement, No.10 said the recent drop in new cases could be reversed.

Scientists are uncertain whether the recent drop in daily cases means infections have passed their third wave peak. Downing Street has indicated they may not have done so, saying the full impact of the July 19 unlock has yet to be reflected in the number of cases.


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