UK care homes could lose 70,000 workers due to mandatory Covid jab

UK care homes could lose 70,000 workers due to mandatory Covid jab


Up to 70,000 nursing home staff in England could leave the labor market or lose their jobs because the government insists they must be vaccinated against Covid, with women and ethnic minorities affected. disproportionately, according to an official estimate.

In a government impact statement, officials estimate that between 3% and 12% of nursing home staff can still resist getting a Covid vaccine by the end of a grace period of 16 weeks. The central estimate was that 40,000 people could be unemployed, but that number could reach 70,000 or 17,000.

In a separate statement on the public sector’s duty of equality, the government said the policy of compulsory vaccination for nursing home staff was “likely to have a significant impact on ethnic minorities” because one member in five of the social workforce are black, Asian or some other ethnic minority, a higher proportion than in the general population of England.

He added: “Evidence suggests that vaccine reluctance is highest among blacks, people of Pakistani and Bangladeshi descent, and non-British / Irish white ethnic groups. “

The statement also acknowledged that there was a “risk that problems such as lack of trust may be exacerbated by this policy” with regard to social workers from ethnic minorities.


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