Twitter suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene for posting false information about coronavirus – .

Twitter suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene for posting false information about coronavirus – .

Twitter has long banned users from sharing misinformation about the coronavirus that could cause harm. In March, the company introduced a policy that explained the penalties for sharing lies about the virus and vaccines.

“We have observed the emergence of persistent conspiracy theories, scaremongering rhetoric without foundation in research or in credible reports, and a wide range of unsubstantiated rumors, which are not contextualized, can prevent the public from making decisions. informed about their health and put individuals, families and communities at risk, ”the company said in its Politics against sharing disinformation about Covid.

People who violate this policy face increasing penalties called strikes and could face a permanent ban if they repeatedly share false information about the virus. A 12-hour ban, like the one Ms Greene is facing, is Twitter’s response to users who have two or three warnings. After four warnings, Twitter suspends users for seven days, and after five warnings, Twitter bans the user entirely.

Other Republicans who have been suspended from Twitter have complained that the social media company is censoring them.

In January, Twitter banned President Donald J. Trump after the company determined that his social media posts played a role in inciting violence during the riot on the United States Capitol. Mr Trump argued that Twitter and Facebook, which also suspended his account, were censoring him and said companies needed government oversight.

Ms Greene was previously suspended from Twitter in April, but the company said it was an error caused by one of its automated spam and abuse detection systems.

“Everyone knows this is a LIE, and it was not a mistake,” Ms Greene tweeted after her suspension was lifted.


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