Twitter Explores Instagram-Like “Trusted Friends” Feature to Share Tweets with a Closed Group – .

Twitter Explores Instagram-Like “Trusted Friends” Feature to Share Tweets with a Closed Group – .

Twitter is working on a few concepts to give users more control over who can see their tweets. A business designer shared an idea that the microblogging website could allow Twitterati to share a particular tweet with a certain group of “trusted friends.” It’s like Instagram’s “Close Friends” feature which allows Instagram users to share stories with a certain group of people. Another early idea that the social media platform is working on is Facets which will allow users to tweet from separate accounts from a single account.
According to a tweeter By a Twitter designer, the microblogging platform “explores a bunch of ways to control who can see your Tweets.” He shared two ideas while stressing that the company “is not building them yet”. The first is to have a group of “trusted friends” who will qualify to be a group that a user wants to see particular tweets. The feature can allow that user to see tweets from trusted friends first. This will essentially alleviate the problem of switching tweets from public to protected and juggling alternate accounts, if you have multiple handles.

The second idea is for people who have multiple handles, such as one for personal use and one for work. Designer tweeted that a feature – which can be called Facets – will allow a user to tweet from multiple handles of an account, instead of switching between multiple accounts and posting the same tweet. In addition, subscribers may also have the option of following “the whole account or only the facets that interest them”.

There is also a feature called Reply Language Prompts that is reportedly under consideration. According to a TechCrunch report, this feature will allow Twitter users to choose phrases and / or words that they don’t want respondents to post in their tweets. For example, if someone writes a swear word in a reply to your tweet, they will be greeted with a prompt asking them to reconsider the language they are using in the reply. The words and phrases chosen by the user will be highlighted in the prompt. This, however, will not prevent the respondent from tweeting the response.

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