Trevor Bauer’s sexual assault accuser reportedly had a relationship with San Diego Padres star Fernando Tatis, Jr. – .

Trevor Bauer’s sexual assault accuser reportedly had a relationship with San Diego Padres star Fernando Tatis, Jr. – .

New evidence has been presented to both the Pasadena Police Department and Major League Baseball in connection with the prosecution Trevor Bauer investigation of sexual assault, Radar has learned.

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Last week, the Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher was charged with brutally sexually assaulting a 27-year-old woman with whom he had a brief sexual relationship earlier this year. She chose to remain anonymous.

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The woman has secured a temporary ex parte injunction against Bauer, although the MLB player and his reps maintain the couple’s few dates – in which the woman claims Bauer strangled her unconscious, sodomized her without consent and punched her in the face and vagina – were “consensual”.

According to the restraining order request – which included graphic photos as exhibits – the woman said she sought medical attention following the alleged second violent sexual encounter. She says the first meeting was on April 18 and the second on May 15.

PPD and MLB then began separate investigations into the woman’s claims, and Bauer was placed on seven-day administrative leave.

The MLB decided Thursday to extend the athlete’s leave for an additional seven days while investigations continue.

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Radar has been told that a longtime friend of the woman – who also wishes to remain anonymous – has since transmitted private SMS and Instagram messages to the PPD and MLB that the friend allegedly exchanged with the woman.

In the messages – obtained and reviewed by Radar – the alleged victim told the friend that she allegedly had sex with the San Diego Padres star. Fernando Tatis, Jr., saying that she “can’t believe I made it”, adding that it was “the best sex OF MY LIFE”. The woman referred to this relationship as “the reason [she] had to resign from the pad team! ”

According to the Padres website, the Pad Squad is a team of ambassadors for the Padres and is part of the Petco Park experience.

The woman then sent the friend DM Instagram screenshots allegedly exchanged between her and Bauer, noting that she was “going to his house” that week and “already [has] its hooks, “adding,” you know how I roll. ”

The woman told the friend that she was “literally going to go inside her head”… “and find pine tar”. She added, “Believe me, I know what I’m doing. “

The woman said Bauer was “so intriguing to me” and “he’s a fool. Like Clev, ”a reference to Bauer’s former teammate and the San Diego Padres pitcher. Mike Clevinger, which she alluded to knowing.

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The messages show the woman then responded to an Instagram story posted by the friend showing a Tatis meme poking fun at Bauer’s one-eyed pitching earlier this year, writing, “Welcome to get into bauers🤑 head,” with the silver tongue emoji. This post was dated April 24, which was said to have been after the woman’s alleged first violent sexual encounter with Bauer.

“This is the message that strikes me as a little strange, it’s just that it’s after their alleged first meeting,” the friend told us, adding that they had seen the woman in person shortly after the meeting. alleged first violent sexual encounter and said, “She mentioned she had a good time and said something like – and I’m paraphrasing here – but something like he’s a nice guy and I had a good time. … None of this showed me anything to worry about or any sign of victim involvement. “

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After the news broke last week, the friend contacted the woman, asking her to meet her. The friend told the woman that she did not want to talk about anything about her SMS claims.

In the exchange, the woman appeared to be concerned that the friend would not forward a message about the case. The woman called PPD “those corrupt f-kers” and said the cops questioned her about “setting this up” and how she “joked about her amount of money and how way i wanted to be a baseball woman ”.

The woman accused the friend of “making the situation worse for [her] And said ‘they’re gonna lie and say I’m a prostitute and all that crazy bullshit. And I know they’re going to talk about tatis and clev and whoever it is. ”

“It’s extremely disheartening that you even talked about it with me then,” she texted her friend. “In the future, do not re-traumatize a victim who did nothing wrong by doing this. ”

The friend replied, “Are you serious? I contacted you as soon as it was reported to me. I have asked to speak to you in person. Don’t try to blame me for making me feel bad here. I did not do anything.

“Usually people don’t forget the people who were there for them in the darkest times. I’m damn hurt right now, ”the friend added. “I hope you are doing well and staying true to yourself. My thoughts are with you. I have nothing more to say about it. Please don’t text me.

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Radar spoke to the friend and the friend’s lawyer, Daniel Gilles, who both corroborated the messages and said they were passed on to both PPD and MLB.

The friend told us that he had no personal connection to Bauer, that he had never met Bauer, and that he was not even a Dodgers fan. This person maintains that they are only a friend of the accuser and insists that they only want to “do what is right”.

“It is not in the interest of discrediting anyone’s experience or history in the situation; it’s purely in the interest of doing the right thing and making sure the truth and all the details are out, ”the friend told us.

“This person – until probably last week, unfortunately – was a friend of mine,” they said. “I had helped this person through a lot of really personal things. I considered her a friend. And I would never talk about it if I didn’t think it was relevant. He’s a friend of mine versus someone I’ve never met before in my life and have no interaction with.

They added, “It doesn’t matter if it’s Trevor Bauer or Joe Schmo. This is a criminal case where a person could end up in jail. It is not something to be taken lightly. “

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Source: @baueroutage / Instagram

Radar had previously obtained text messages allegedly showing that Bauer and the woman were in communication about their sexual relationship.

“You want to go out eh? Mmmm, ”he wrote on May 9th.

“Yes. It was a game-changer,” she reportedly replied.

“Tell me more,” he wrote.

“I have never been so excited in my life,” she reportedly said in response. “Give me all the pain. Rawr.

” Really? ” he has answered. “When you were going out or when you woke up?” “

“Go out”, she would have replied by SMS. “Now that I know what it feels like to wake up, although it will probably be as well to wake up.” “

“My God, you turn me on so much,” he replied, later adding, “Now I just want my arm around your neck from behind. “

“Do it,” she reportedly replied. ” Stronger. “

The woman’s lawyers did not respond to our numerous requests for comment.


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