Travelers will be split into 2 queues upon arrival at Toronto Pearson Airport – .

Travelers will be split into 2 queues upon arrival at Toronto Pearson Airport – .

When travelers arrive at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, they will be split into two separate queues – people vaccinated in one, unvaccinated people, or people who are only partially vaccinated in the other.
“This is a move to streamline the border clearance process,” airport spokeswoman Beverly MacDonald told CBC. “There are different entry requirements for vaccinated and un / partially vaccinated travelers, which have been communicated widely by the Government of Canada. “

As of July 5, fully vaccinated travelers authorized to enter Canada have been exempt from quarantine measures and COVID-19 testing eight days after arrival.

Travelers must still pass a pre-entry test, a quarantine plan if they do not qualify for the exemption, and an arrival test.

There is also a checklist of requirements that involves providing proof of vaccination in ArriveCan – the government portal for submitting vaccine information.

Passengers entering Canada from the United States or another international destination will be divided into the two queues before reaching Canadian customs.

The process came into effect after the federal government introduced different entry requirements for vaccinated and non / partially vaccinated travel.

“We know the arrivals experience is different for passengers than it was before the pandemic,” MacDonald said. “We appreciate the patience of passengers as we work with all of our partners to implement the Government of Canada’s requirements for international air travel. “

Toronto Pearson, with its Healthy Airport initiative, made masks mandatory and improved cleaning measures and its HVAC systems. He says he continues to work with government agencies, airlines and airports to follow security protocols.

More information on airport COVID-19 protocols is available at


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