Travel industry fury as latest ‘traffic light’ changes put Balearics back on amber – .

Travel industry fury as latest ‘traffic light’ changes put Balearics back on amber – .

Travel industry figures have reacted with fury after Spain’s Balearic Islands were demoted to the UK’s ‘orange list’.
Just two weeks after Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca were granted non-quarantine status for returning vacationers, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps brought the islands back to amber.

From 4 a.m. on Monday, July 19, travelers from the Spanish islands arriving in the UK will need to self-isolate – unless they have completed an NHS vaccination course.

Tim Alderslade, Managing Director of Airlines UK – representing UK registered carriers, said: “Today’s announcement reinforces the belief that the current government framework for international travel is not working as it has been. designed.

“While the vaccination program allows a complete reopening of the national economy, international travel between safe countries – with low infections and high vaccination rates – is still presented as if it were a serious danger to public health.

“Moving countries between levels like this shatters consumer confidence in an already unpredictable booking season.

“It is time for the government to put in place a coherent and transparent travel policy, rather than the current roller coaster changes, which condemn international travel to second-class status. “

Miles Morgan, who runs a chain of travel agencies, warned: “Young people will now be vacationing in Newquay, where case rates are higher than the Balearics.

“The British cases will explode again. Where is the meaning in that? “

Virginia Messina, Senior Vice President of the World Travel and Tourism Council, said: “This is going to turn summer vacation upside down for tens of thousands of people.

“The businesses that are the lifeline of a Balearic vacation will also be left behind as bookings plummet and customers demand refunds, building up additional financial pressure. “

Because fully bitten holidaymakers will avoid quarantine, the Balearic decision is unlikely to cause a massive rush to the house – although flight fares increase in the coming days.

“It’s chaotic. Yesterday I had my happy face, today is my stressed face, ”said Linda Hill, Ayrshire travel agent. BBC Radio Ecosse.

“My clients have warned that this could happen, but we didn’t expect it to happen within two weeks. “

A spokesperson for Abta, the travel association, said: “The government must continue to capitalize on the successful deployment of the vaccine by expanding the green list according to scientific evidence and reducing the need and cost of testing, which is a major barrier to travel for many people.

Bulgaria and Hong Kong have gone from orange to green, while Croatia and Taiwan are joining the ‘green watchlist’ from which quarantine is currently not required – but may be imposed in the short term if they come back to orange.

Cuba, Sierra Leone, Myanmar and Indonesia have gone from orange to red, requiring hotel quarantine for 11 nights for arriving travelers.

Data analyst Tim White had predicted the move from Indonesia – as well as Russia. He tweeted: “Surprisingly enough, Mr. Shapps decides again that Russia is safe despite the development of figures, records a number of deaths which does not correspond to the number of cases. “

The Department of Transport (DfT) said in a statement: “All classification changes are decided by ministers. These are informed by the latest data and analysis from the Joint Biosafety Center (JBC) and by broader public health factors. “


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