Tour de France 2021, stage 18 – live updates – .

Tour de France 2021, stage 18 – live updates – .

No Arrests were made and nothing was found at the team hotel. Officers searched the training records and stayed there for about an hour before leaving. It is not clear whether something was seized or not.
In response, Bahrain Victoriou said he had “nothing to hide” and would start today’s stage as scheduled.

In a team statement, Bahrain Victorious said: “On the eve of stage 18 of the Tour de France, the Bahrain Victorious team was investigated by French police. The team was watched by a number of officers after arriving after stage 17 at the team hotel in Pau.

“The investigation involved a search of runners’ rooms as part of the process. Although they did not know the reasons for the investigation, the team was also asked to provide any training records which were compiled and presented to officers as requested.

Vladimir Miholjevic, technical director of the team, added: “Following stage 17, we were greeted by several French police officers. We did not receive a reading warrant, but the team responded to all police inquiries.

“We are committed to offering the highest level of professionalism and compliance with all regulatory requirements and we will always cooperate in a professional manner. The process had an impact on the recovery and meal planning of our runners and as a professional team the well-being of our team is a key priority. ”


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