Tony Nese clarifies comments about being told WWE likely won’t sign him – .

Tony Nese clarifies comments about being told WWE likely won’t sign him – .

Tony Nese took to social media to clarify comments he made in a recent interview about how he was initially told WWE likely wouldn’t sign him. Nese made the comments while speaking with The Wrestling Perspective Podcast discuss his WWE outing last week and more.

During the podcast, according to Wrestling Inc, Nese confirmed that he was told his release was due to budget cuts and explained how he initially signed with the company. Nese is quoted as saying:

“At the start of it all I gave NXT a try and during the test I was actually told about the Cruiserweight Classic they were looking to do, and it was actually a fun conversation.” , Nese remembers. “It was, ‘Hey listen, we really appreciate your work over there and your look and everything. You’ll probably never work for this company, but we have a tournament and we try to use cruiserweights all over the world and stuff like that and your name is in the hat for that ‘and I was like,’ I Je don’t know if I should be happy about it or not. I just told myself that I won’t have a job here ”, and it was like in the middle of my essay.

“So now I had what?” I had two days on trial, I was already thinking, ‘Okay, I can’t find a job here. I have to – whatever. I’m still going to break my ass and show them what I have. ‘ So I actually asked them – I don’t know if I’m going to be in trouble for this one or anything but, I was like, ‘Look, the cruiserweight thing sounds good but why would you say you don’t think I’ll ever work here? And the answer was simple: ‘You are small and white. This is not what we are looking for at the moment. But anyway, it was kind of like, ‘Hey listen, you know, you’re not six foot something, you don’t have an interesting experience when the company is trying to reach different countries and all.’ You know, so it made sense. In fact, I believe it or not, like that. I like that he says bluntly that’s why and rather than somebody dancing, “Well, you know, maybe not now,” whatever it is. I hate it more than anything. Tell me. “

A few sites ran with the “short and white” part of the story as the title, which started to make the rounds online. Nese has since taken to Twitter to explain the background to the quotes, posting:

“Ugh… before it got out of hand.” It was referring to the fact that I didn’t have a unique experience. Just a kid from Long Island who wanted to be a wrestler. But overcoming that by proving to them that I am worth it has become my unique story.

He also added in a follow-up post to a Twitter user that “I really said those words. I just wanted to clarify their meaning. Podcast host Dennis Farrell added:

Before it got out of hand, @TonyNese gave us a candid interview. A [quote] he made us make the headlines. The interview hasn’t come out yet and the title you might see has been taken out of context for the topic we discussed. Don’t judge until you’ve seen the entire interview.


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