Tommy Dorfman introduces himself as a trans woman again – deadline – .

Tommy Dorfman introduces himself as a trans woman again – deadline – .

Tommy Dorfman, a star of the Netflix series 13 reasons why, was released on Instagram and in a Time magazine article today as a trans woman and will now use the pronouns “she / she”.

Dorfman, who will continue to use Tommy’s name, said in her Instagram post that she was “delighted to again introduce myself as the woman I am today.”

“I’m especially grateful to every trans person who has walked this path, broken down barriers and risked their lives to live authentically and radically like themselves before me,” writes Dorfman. “Thank you to all the trans women who have shown me who I am, how to live, celebrate myself and take my place in this world. “

The actress first gained public attention in 2017 13 reasons why, and will soon be seen in Lena Dunham’s feature film Pointed stick opposite Taylour Paige, Scott Speedman, Jon Bernthal and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Dorfman told Time that she had been in transition for a year and that she “identified and lived in private as a woman – a trans woman.”

Also in the interview, Dorfman said, “Coming out is always seen as a big eye-opener, but I’ve never been away. Today it is clarity: I am a trans woman. My pronouns are she / she. My name is Tommy.

Says Dorfman, “It is impossible for me to separate my personal and professional transition because my body and my face are linked to my career. I was concerned that by making an active transition in my personal life, I would lose the career that I was told I was meant to have. But I’m no longer interested in playing “male” characters – except maybe as Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan. Sometimes it’s enough to say, ‘No, that’s just who I am.’ “


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