Tokyo Olympics fans risk banning due to Covid emergency – .

Tokyo Olympics fans risk banning due to Covid emergency – .

Officials have been forced to revise their plans on the fly in response to the evolving virus situation. In March, organizers announced that foreign spectators would be banned. Then, in late June, as cases of the virus dwindled across the country, officials announced that they planned to allow domestic spectators to attend events, with up to 10,000 people able to attend competitions held in more venues. big.

As part of the plan, the event venues would put in place strict precautions against the spread of the virus and the total number of tickets would be cut in half, with a lottery being held to determine who could attend. But organizers have warned those plans could change if the number of viruses increases again.

Organizers were due to discuss in a meeting Thursday evening how to deal with the spectator problem, according to NHK, the Japanese public broadcaster.

Under the current conditions, spectators could be banned from all events taking place in and around Tokyo. A few, like the marathon, will take place in locations untouched by the new state of emergency, allowing for the possibility that some fans will be allowed to attend. But organizers said spectators would be asked not to cheer runners on the roads.

The decision to allow spectators had already been attacked by experts concerned about the possibility that the Games could become a major event.

Anxiety is at its height as athletes from all over the world have started to flock to Japan. So far, at least four members of the Olympic teams have tested positive for the coronavirus and have been quarantined.

Makiko Inoué contributed reports.


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