Tim Robinson was too good for SNL. This sketch proves it. – .

Tim Robinson was too good for SNL. This sketch proves it. – .

When I think you should go premiered on Netflix a little over two years ago, no one was sure what to expect from creator and star tim robinson, who until then was best known for being one of the few Saturday Night Live cast members would be demoted to the editorial staff after his first season on the series. And yet, with just six 15-minute episodes, Robinson managed not only to change the game from comedy to sketching, but also became more of an instantly iconic meme in the process.
Now he’s finally back with season two and this self-proclaimed comedy expert can confirm that he’s somehow exceeded the overwhelming expectations he set with the first season.

As an example, the exclusive skit below – the first to air on YouTube after full episodes began airing on Netflix early this morning – in which Robinson plays a version of the socially inappropriate loser who populates a great deal. part of his comedy.

The skit finds Robinson on a ghost tour of the “adults-only” haunted house where everyone just wants to have a good time, but makes it impossible by repeatedly asking the awesome guide swear-laden questions. The second he’s told guests can say “whatever they want,” he lets go of “Jizz” and things quickly escalate from there.

“Any of those little assholes never came out of the fucking wall and said, ‘Damn, is there a horse cock in my room or a donkey cock? “Robinson asks at the first opportunity. At some point, the guide must take him aside and explain to him that just because he is permit swearing on the tour doesn’t mean he has to.

It’s the perfect example of the type of simple premise that comes to life through Robinson’s deep commitment to the character who takes it all at face value: “You can’t change the rules just because you don’t like. not how I do it ”- and the mildly annoyed reaction shots from the other people on the tour. The ultimately tragic ending only cements how wonderfully demented this show can be.

The skit, like so many others through the two seasons of I think you should go, it’s so weird that he would never have made it SNL. We can only hope they know what they are missing out on.

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