TikTok expands in recruiting jobs – .

TikTok expands in recruiting jobs – .

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TikTok – a social media platform known for its understated, academic exploration of the intoxicating subject frequently addressed by its user base – is currently rolling out plans to establish itself as a presence in the recruiting space.

Generation Z will surely take advantage of this moment to conduct themselves with decorum and maturity, and not as an opportunity to troll Fortune 500 companies.

According to a new site sponsoring the effort, known as TikTok CV, the app now allows users in the United States to apply for entry-level, associate, and higher-level positions by tagging videos in their videos using the hashtag #TikTokResumes. The initiative is part of a pilot program that currently involves around three dozen companies, including Target and Chipotle, as well as some media companies, including Meredith Corporation, ATTN and PopSugar.

While the intentions of the pilot initiative seem honorable enough – the company wants to help “support members of our community who are looking for employment opportunities” by “encouraging our users to turn their traditional paper CV into a digital video CV or an elevator pitch, ”according to its website. – the (temporary) foray into recruitment seems to include enough annoying speed bumps to at least give some potential candidates a break.

On the TikTok Resumes website, for example, the platform specifies that, yes, video resumes will need to be public for participating companies to see – adding a complicated and potentially embarrassing wrinkle for anyone looking for work without their knowledge. . of their current employer or just not a total exhibitionist.

TikTok also notes that the hiring system is not uniform among participating companies, which means that it will be potentially difficult for potential hires to know where their applications are in the hiring pipeline or if their CV has even been received or consulted.

A spokesperson for TikTok said Committed that the company “… believes there is an opportunity to add more value to people’s experience with TikTok by improving the platform’s usefulness as a recruiting channel. And while it’s true that much of the platform’s Gen Z user base is currently grappling with a dearth of job opportunities – especially given the devastating global pandemic. which we are still emerging from the military – perhaps its tremendous reach and influence would be better served. stimulate causes and campaigns that interest its users.

Interested candidates will have until July 31 to submit their video CVs for the first round of jobs posted on the platform.


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