Thousands in Sydney, other Australian cities protest lockdown restrictions; Residents near Myanmar to be tested following spike in infections – .

Thousands in Sydney, other Australian cities protest lockdown restrictions; Residents near Myanmar to be tested following spike in infections – .

The latest coronavirus news from Canada and the world on Saturday. This file will be updated throughout the day. Web links to longer stories if available.

9h56 : Tanzania received its first batch of 1 million Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccines donated by the US government on Saturday.

Tanzania had been one of the few countries in Africa to have received vaccines yet or started to vaccinate its population against the COVID-19 pandemic, mainly because its former leader denied that prayer overcame COVID-19 in the country.

The vaccines were received by Foreign Minister Liberata Mulamula and US Ambassador to Tanzania Donald Wright at Julius Nyerere International Airport in the country’s commercial capital, Dar es Salaam.

Former Tanzanian President John Magufuli, who died in March, refused to accept vaccines after claiming that three days of prayer cured the country of the coronavirus in June 2020.

Magufuli, 61, was among the world’s most prominent skeptics of COVID-19. Although his official cause of death was reported as cardiac arrest, Magufuli’s critics believe he died of COVID-19.

9h55 : Far-right activists and members of the yellow vests movement in France staged protests on Saturday against a bill requiring everyone to have a special pass to enter restaurants and other places and making vaccination mandatory against COVID-19 for all healthcare workers.

French Senate lawmakers debate the bill on Saturday after the lower house of parliament approved it on Friday.

French viral infections are increasing and hospitalizations are increasing again. The government is trying to speed up vaccination to protect vulnerable populations and hospitals and avoid further lockdowns.

Most French adults are fully vaccinated and polls indicate that a majority of French people support the new measures.

But not everyone. Demonstrators chanting “Freedom! Freedom! “Marched through Paris in one of the multiple events scheduled for Saturday.

Last weekend, more than 100,000 people demonstrated across France against the measures. They included far-right politicians and activists as well as others angry with President Emmanuel Macron for various reasons.

8h05 : It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has been tough on restaurants – both their owners and employees, many of whom have been unemployed for a year and a half.

For some in the industry, this has also been a wake-up call.

Adam Colquhoun, owner of Oyster Boy in Toronto, said the pandemic has only accelerated his plans to change the way he pays his workers.

Although his wages before the pandemic were already above average, Colquhoun said he had increased wages for all positions in his restaurant and even gave some workers a share in the company.

With the restaurants now welcoming diners inside, it was hard to have room staff, Colquhoun said, so he offered a retention bonus of $ 1,000 to servers who could sign up for a minimum of three months. It also pays potential employees for an observation shift and a training shift.

“We are establishing a baseline for what people should be paid,” he said.

As Ontario moves to Step 3 of its plan to reopen, restaurants scramble to fill positions that were lost when COVID-19 decimated the industry. The trap ? They are all watching at the same time, resulting in what some call a labor shortage and others a short-term bottleneck.

Read more: Higher wages, signing bonuses, menu perks as restaurants struggle to bring workers back.

8h01 : Vietnam announced a 15-day lockdown in the capital Hanoi from Saturday as a wave of coronavirus spread from the southern Mekong Delta region.

The lockdown order, issued late Friday night, prohibits the gathering of more than two people in public. Only government offices, hospitals and essential businesses are allowed to remain open.

Earlier in the week, the city suspended all outdoor activities and ordered the shutdown of non-essential businesses following an increase in cases. Hanoi reported 70 confirmed infections on Friday, the highest in the city, part of a record 7,295 cases in the country in the past 24 hours.

Nearly 5,000 of them come from Vietnam’s largest metropolis, southern Ho Chi Minh City, which also extended its lockdown until August 1.

8h00: Everyone in a county in southwest China near Myanmar will be tested for the coronavirus following a spike in infections, the government said on Saturday.

Businesses, schools and markets in Jiangcheng County in Yunnan Province will close on Monday and Tuesday while nucleic acid tests are carried out, the government said. Travel within and outside the county will be prohibited.

Yunnan has reported a spike in infections from neighboring Myanmar, where a military government that took power in February is struggling to contain an increase in cases. Beijing has tightened border controls.

Jiangcheng County, southeast of Pu’er City, is on China’s border with Vietnam and Laos. It does not directly border Myanmar.

The Yunnan health agency reported five new infections on Saturday, all in people who it said were recently living in Myanmar.

Saturday 7:59 am: Thousands of people took to the streets of Sydney and other Australian cities on Saturday to protest the lockdown restrictions amid a further increase in cases, and police made several arrests after crowds crossed the streets. barriers and threw plastic bottles and plants.

Unmasked participants marched from Sydney’s Victoria Park to City Hall in the CBD, carrying signs calling for “freedom” and “truth.”

There was a heavy police presence in Sydney, including mounted police and riot officers in response to what authorities described as unauthorized protest activity. Police confirmed that a number of arrests had been made.

NSW Police said they recognize and support the rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly, but the protest was in violation of public health orders.

“The priority for NSW Police is always the safety of the community at large,” a police statement said.

The protest comes as the number of COVID-19 cases in the state hit another record with 163 new infections in the past 24 hours.

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