This woman has the biggest mouth in the world, according to Guinness – .

This woman has the biggest mouth in the world, according to Guinness – .

TikTok is full of users with big mouths, but a star on the social media platform has just proven that hers is literally the biggest.

Guinness World Records has confirmed Samantha Ramsdell of Connecticut is the record holder for the world’s largest female mouth opening.

Its gaping mouth measures 6.56 centimeters, or about 2.5 inches. When measured crosswise, it grows to over 10 centimeters, or four inches.

Ramsdell said she always knew she had a big mouth, but it wasn’t until the “Kids of TikTok” pointed out that she could have a record-sized mouth that she was encouraged to go. look for the record.

“I never thought it would be possible to be so famous with my mouth,” she said.

Her videos include one of her three donuts in her mouth, a step up from her video responding to a request to eat two at a time. It can also fit in a large order of French fries.

It wasn’t always fun and games for her though. Ramsdell said she was bullied growing up because of the size of her mouth.

Now 31, Ramsdell is embracing her unique feature for her 1.7 million followers on TikTok.

She said it was “something I really wasn’t sure about myself, something I wanted to keep so small”, but now it’s “one of the most important and best things to do. about me ”.

“It’s your super power. This is what makes you unique and special, ”she said. “Everyone should celebrate what makes them different. “

Ramsdell hopes to one day have his own show, using his humor, wit, and song.


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