This Brooklyn neighborhood’s music scene is here to stay – .

This Brooklyn neighborhood’s music scene is here to stay – .

At 5 p.m. last summer, Porch Concerts launched an outdoor class program, pairing professional local musicians with children between the ages of 10 and 18. At the Open Streets event, which will make Newkirk Avenue a car-free zone on Sundays until the end of summer, the Multigenerational Playing for the Light Big Band performed, featuring teachers alongside of their students.

Aidan Scrimgeour, a melodica player, said the inspiration for the lessons came from “knowing the number of musicians doing different and interesting things who live in the neighborhood, and the number of children who could have access to it. which I think is a really interesting opportunity. . ”

Among Scrimgeour’s students is pianist Rhonasha George, 15. At the Open Streets event, she sang a song she had written, “Outside My Window,” her red firefighter braids matched her dress. The song comes from a poem George wrote with the Informal Music School last summer. On Zoom, teachers asked students to visualize what happened in the neighborhood around them during the pandemic.

For George, that meant writing about an old man outside his window caught in a summer storm, without a coat or umbrella. But like the city itself, “he was fine. And he was actually stronger and healthier than anything, ”said George. And like the city, she added, “He knows how to get back. “


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